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  • I think the software really helped us take that execution to the next level and was exactly the type of improvement I was hoping from our partnership.

    April Grohmann
    Sr. Manager, Social marketing - HONEST CO.
  • Socialive has been a game-changer for our live content. It has enabled us to be more polished and creative while increasing engagement with our fans. The software is simple and intuitive and the support team is kind and incredibly responsive

    Mallory Norton
    Sr. Producer - HEADSPACE
  • Socialive provided the Jack Daniel’s brand a chance to produce a live experience for our fans that was not only engaging, but also captured in a way that was unique to the world of Facebook Live. The team at Socialive were extremely easy to work with and did everything they could to support our ambitions for live content.

    Christopher Saling
    Global Digital Community Manager - JACK DANIEL'S
  • Our team used Socialive to amplify a live streamed event and they helped us get to #2 on Twitter’s trending list. Everyone was quite amazed with all of the simple tools that the software did… in fact, our COO said he wished he knew about it months ago. Socialive was a big key to our success.

    Ryan Bell
  • I have enjoyed partnering with Socialive on brand projects. Their live streaming software is tops on the market in terms of quality and ease-of-use.

    Anthony Baressi
    Creative Lead - SOHO EXPERIENTIAL
  • I worked closely with the Socialive team to utilize their live streaming software to innovate and scale our experiential initiatives across our on-trades globally. Their technology is unique and best in class, delivering high quality experiences and lowering our cost-per-contact ratio. Equally important, their in-depth support and service made it feel like they were a natural extension of the Smirnoff team.

    Fernando Lacambra
    Global Director On Premise - SMIRNOFF


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