2 Min Read with 5 minute video. At Socialive we are constantly coming up with new features. Let's take a quick look at the new overlay feature.

At Socialive we strive to continuously innovate. Our clients feedback and needs are the most important factors to us as we improve our product. As such, we recently came up with a new version for placing overlays onto a live broadcast. The new overlay module easily allows for several overlays to be taken on and off simultaneously. With a new look and feel, we think this will make our clients broadcasts look even better than they already do and provide increased branding & referral opportunities. To ensure easy implementation, we also added a section that shows a preview of the overlays before applied, so they can be arranged properly before being pushed live. On top of that, we added a “quick selection” hotbox, so when there is the need for only a few choice overlays, they are easily found.

As this is a new feature, we have come out with a tutorial to see the new features and a explanation of the new module. Enjoy!

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