Frequently Asked Questions

Can I broadcast pre-recorded content?

You sure can! The ability to load pre-recorded content into your run-of-show to play during your live broadcast is one of the product features you can only get with Socialive. You can even record your live broadcasts and include them as pre-recorded elements in future live shows.

Will your product work with my regular wifi and built-in webcam?

Our product will work on most wifi set-ups with built-in webcams, but the quality of your broadcast will always be affected by the hardware and internet that you use. The better your internet and camera, the better your broadcast.

What hardware does your product support?

We support most audio and video setups, but the best way to confirm is to contact us for a (free) quick demo.

Can you help me with my first broadcast?

Of course! We are happy to help you set up and broadcast as many times as you want (although our platform is so easy to use, you probably won’t need us). Just let us know.

How much does it cost?

Schedule a personal demo to review cost options best suited for your needs.