Quality meets scalability

With Socialive’s all-in-one video content creation platform, your team can create, broadcast and distribute high-quality videos from one place — with all the security and control you need.

Increase your production value

Produce high-end live and pre-recorded video content, maintaining brand standards while generating isolated recordings of guests in 1080p HD.

Easy to learn

Socialive’s intuitive cloud-based platform enables users to onboard and start creating consistent, on-brand video content in hours instead of weeks or months.

Simplify your workflows

Reduce your tech stack. With Socialive, video teams can do remote recordings, video content creation and live broadcasting all within the same platform increasing efficiency. 

Empower self-serve usage

Our easy to use platform empowers business users to take on less technically demanding content creation needs, freeing up overburdened production teams to focus on more complex projects.

Increased ROI

Spend less on external agencies, overlapping technologies and expensive hardware setups through our unlimited use platform. 

See what Socialive can do for you

How Video Production teams use Socialive

The all-in-one enterprise video platform with endless possibilities

Corporate Brand Videos

When it comes to capturing hearts and minds, video trumps every other digital communication option for corporate brands.

Product Demos and Showcases

A product demo is a stellar way to communicate your product’s unique value — and a professional video helps to connect and communicate with your audience.

How-To Videos

Did you know that learning and educational content drives over a billion views a day on YouTube?

Features Overview

Take your video production to new heights

The easiest way to create professional-grade video and live streams in the cloud — with the team you already have

The Green Room has gone virtual

Effortless for presenters, with the controls and power of a live TV studio for producers

Your virtual recording studio

Effortlessly record video remotely from any device, without sacrificing quality or control

“This was the quality of a virtual event I would expect from Apple, not a fast-paced growth startup.”

Anonymous employee, Quantum Metric

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