Did you know that fireside chats date back to the 1930’s when U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt needed a way to calm the American public who were feeling very anxious about the Great Depression and later, World War II? 

Roosevelt wanted radio listeners to feel as if he was sitting with them in their living rooms, in front of their cozy fireplaces, and radio was then the innovative way to do that at scale. His informal approach was so well received by millions of people that many other leaders adopted this style of personal and interactive discussion for a wide variety of purposes.

How fireside chats create connection and engagement for businesses, whether live or virtual

Today, fireside chats and interviews have become a staple for business executives who want to be more approachable with employees and promote greater transparency about their business. They use fireside chats to informally share their insights and perspectives on the company or industry. 

Virtual fireside chats and interviews give busy executives and companies with geographically distributed or remote workforces a high-impact way to engage with employees, share vital company information and rally teams with a personal appeal by video, whether delivered live or on demand.

How to structure a fireside chat with the C-suite

The goal of a fireside chat is to have an organic discussion that feels open and natural rather than scripted or forced. That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t plan your fireside chat. You will typically have a moderator and one or two guests from your C-suite leadership. The moderator helps the guests feel relaxed and keeps the discussion focused and engaging by creating rapport and prompting conversation. 

Often, a fireside chat is delivered in a question and answer format that you develop and share with your moderator and guests in advance as talking points or a discussion guide. This allows everyone to prepare well in advance so they can be sure to cover the most relevant and impactful information.

How to streamline fireside chat production with Socialive

Creating a successful fireside comes with its challenges. You need to coordinate schedules and workflows with very busy executives, and coach them through the process. You need to plan for ways to make the event interactive and entertaining, so your audience gets the most value from the experience. You must line up the production equipment and ensure all the processes are in place to deliver a professional experience that is aligned with your brand. It can be a daunting list, but it doesn’t have to become a fire drill.

At Socialive, we’ve streamlined the production of studio-quality video, making it easy for everyone from video producers to marketing teams to easily produce branded, immersive experiences such as fireside chats with your executives that inspire, inform and engage your employees. Socialive’s all-in-one enterprise video content creation platform lets you: 

  • Capture HD video and audio content from anywhere — straight from your phone, tablet or desktop browser. Socialive’s remote recording capabilities ensure the highest quality content possible
  • Create dynamic and engaging content with cloud-based video production, including preset workflows to mix and match live, pre-recorded and screen share video with dynamic layouts and branded graphics 
  • Manage and collaborate behind the scenes with your host and guests through a virtual Green Room, so you can share updated talking points and make sure everyone is relaxed and prepared
  • Reach dispersed audiences by broadcasting simultaneously to multiple channels
  • Streamline content management with the ability to capture, store and access HD video in a secure, centralized cloud-based recordings library. No manual file transfer required
  • Repurpose content such as clips from your event in multiple ways to share in other internal communications, learning and development, corporate training programs and more, so you can extend the life and value of your content

Making your C-suite executives approachable and accessible through fireside chats that educate and entertain can be a winning strategy for improving employee engagement. Discover how we can help you get started today.

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