Have you heard? Enterprises are the new creators.

The popularity of consumer apps like Vine and TikTok has begun to influence the business world. Now, enterprises are turning to similar self-serve technologies to democratize video creation and produce more authentic content.

We explored this budding trend in the first episode our Creator Economy for the Enterprise webinar series. Missed the live session? Don’t worry. You can watch every episode on demand now. Each installment features conversations with expert panelists followed by a Q&A session. Episodes include:

  • Episode 1: Self-Serve Video Content Creation for the Enterprise | Watch on demand
  • Episode 2: The C-Suite Creator | Watch on demand
  • Episode 3: Authentic Storytelling: The Future of Enterprise Video | Watch on demand
  • Episode 4: The “Personalization Promise” in 2022: Video Tech strategies for Financial Services | Learn more

Episode 2 included moderator Katie Martell and guest speakers:

In this episode, we heard straight from C-Suite Creators themselves on topics like:

  • How to humanize executive messaging with “self-serve” video
  • How to leverage video technologies to build meaningful connections with employees and customers
  • Best practices for devising a winning thought leadership strategy
  • How to establish yourself as a public figure to solidify your credibility and build your business

Watch on demand now, and read on for more details on this emerging space.

Self-serve video content creation

In Episode 1, we explored the rise of self-serve video content creation solutions that help fuel the Creator Economy for the Enterprise. Self-serve technologies like low- and no-code tools and drag-and-drop workflow builders have democratized tasks that historically required deep technical expertise.

These solutions allow organizations to meet the rapidly increasing demand for video content across business functions. In fact, the majority (83%) of respondents in our 2021 State of Enterprise Video report said they want video creation to be democratized.

Not only do self-serve tools enable anyone in your business to create high-quality video content with ease, they also promote authenticity. Today’s customers are more loyal to companies they perceive as “real” and “human.”

Demand for more authenticity from corporations is coming from both within and outside the organization. Customers want to see the real people behind the helm, while employees want to connect with executive leaders on a more human level

Meet the rise of the C-Suite Creator

While the past couple of years have brought many challenges, they’ve also offered several learning opportunities for business leaders. Video, the next best thing to in-person interaction, is now an integral part of a successful executive communications strategy. The most successful C-level executives understand the power of effective video content creation in shaping their companies’ brands, reputations, and cultures — as well as their personal brands.

Today, being a leader comes with the responsibility of being in the spotlight on behalf of your organization. Whether a thought leader or key spokesperson, this role not only sets the tone for company culture and employee engagement, but also in turn drives sales, awareness, and even investor confidence.

We explored how executives are positioning themselves to be accessible, authentic, and empathetic with cutting-edge self-serve video technologies in Episode 2 of our Creator Economy for the Enterprise series. Watch the episode on demand now.