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Founded in 1963, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global management consulting firm and a pioneer of business strategy. The firm’s Marketing team uses Socialive to produce live video content that showcases the thought leadership of its 1,400 partners and in-house experts.


With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for efficient, high-quality video content creation grew across the firm. Leveraging Socialive, the Marketing team was able to meet the moment, accelerating the production of branded video content for its digital channels.





“Socialive is intuitive and easy to use. You don’t have to be a video expert to learn it.”

Benjamin French Cobb | Sr. Manager, Global Digital Marketing


How To Create High-Quality, Timely Video Content

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the Marketing team sought to use live video content to generate awareness of the firm and its partners, humanize the BCG brand, and drive engagement. In the process, BCG encountered three key problems:

  1. Complexity of video production
  2. Low production value of typical live video content
  3. Inability to scale video creation

These challenges were magnified by the pandemic and the global transition to virtual work. As video became an essential lifeline to maintain business continuity, the ability to produce high-quality, timely video content emerged as a firm-wide priority.



Using Socialive To Produce Live Video Content

BCG adopted Socialive as a solution to produce live and live-to-tape video content for its digital channels, particularly LinkedIn (2.3 million followers), Facebook, and YouTube. Over two years, the team has broadcast:

By leveraging features of the Socialive platform—especially real-time production, video capture from remote guests, and on-screen graphics—BCG’s Marketing team was able to efficiently create branded video content to engage its online audience.

BCG live streams key powerful moments, as shown in this commencement speech from their CEO Rich Lesser on LinkedIn Live. Leveraging a firm head in their organization to participate in this cultural moment humanized BCG.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team didn’t miss a beat. Leaning on Socialive’s remote video capture and cloud-based video production, BCG increased its video output, inaugurating its Leading in the New Reality Live weekly series, featuring panel discussions with BCG thought leaders on subjects ranging from the gender imbalance gap to global mobility.

BCG launched a weekly LinkedIn Live series hosted by their own experts to share unique perspectives on topics that are top of mind for business leaders.

“Having a solution like Socialive allows us to enhance the quality of our live video content seamlessly. It has been powerful from day one.”

Benjamin French Cobb | Senior Manager, Global Digital Marketing


BCG Accelerates Video Creation with Socialive

Using Socialive has enabled the team to produce high quality, timely content more efficiently while humanizing the brand and increasing awareness. Ultimately, the team was able to leverage the engagement power of live video to generate:


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From its authentic live video content featuring leaders behind the brand, to the way in which it leverages real-time audience interaction during timely moments, BCG’s use of Socialive illustrates how a brand can successfully utilize live video to advance its objectives.

“When we work with Socialive it feels like we are working with an extension of our own team and we greatly value their expertise and support.”

Benjamin French Cobb | Senior Manager, Global Digital Marketing

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