Use them together or separately to make your next event a smashing success

It comes as no surprise that more and more businesses are leveraging LinkedIn to keep their virtual communities informed and engaged. Last year, LinkedIn accelerated the roll out of its new virtual events solutions to help companies maximize event reach.

In this month’s episode of “Video Reimagined,” hosts and Socialive experts Eunice Dadebo and Malini Sen, break down the difference between LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Event, and share how companies can use both effectively.

Watch the on-demand replay above, or check out our explainer below to learn more.

What is LinkedIn Live?

Launched in Feb. 2019, LinkedIn Live is a live streaming feature that allows you to stream live video to your Page followers. It is best used to increase brand awareness and reach, and are public and discoverable by all LinkedIn members.

In fact, LinkedIn Live videos receive an average of seven times more reactions and 24 times more comments than native video produced by the same broadcasters.

Through third-party broadcaster tools like Socialive, brands can live stream video content. When you go live, a subset of your Page followers receive a notification. After a live stream, you can access viewer metrics such as engagement and reach.

General best practices include:

  • Before the LinkedIn Live, collect questions around the discussion topic.

  • During the broadcast, speaker(s) should ask questions and interact with their audience.

  • After the broadcast, edit highlights of the recording and share it to your Page. Make the most out of your live event by repurposing it.

  • The recommended frequency is to stream up to 2 times per day.

To become a LinkedIn Live broadcaster, you must submit a request.

To learn more about our integration with LinkedIn Live visit our capabilities page.

What is LinkedIn Events?

LinkedIn Events are best used for community building, and allows you to bring together a curated audience. Think of it as a safe space to engage with attendees before, during, and after a live stream.

You can share your event’s unique URL through your channels, but the live video can only be viewed by event attendees. When you go live, all event attendees will receive a notification. After an event, you can easily view the event attendee list.

General best practices include:

  • Before the event, collect questions from attendees around the subject.

  • During the event, speaker(s) should ask questions and interact with their audience.

  • After the event, ask attendees for feedback through a post-event survey.

  • The recommended frequency is to stream to an Event up to 4 times per day (if it is a multi-session event).


How can I use LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events together?

In 2020, LinkedIn announced an integration between LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live, “by turning these two products into a new virtual events solution.” Together, these features allow businesses to stream live video content directly to LinkedIn Event attendees.

For those approved to broadcast to LinkedIn Live, simply create an event, select “online-only,” and on the day of the event, open Socialive and select the event as the stream destination, rather than your organization’s Page. Attendees will be notified when the event begins.

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