Professional video, easy creation

Scale video creation without adding complexities. Socialive powers easy recording, editing, publishing, and livestreaming professional video on existing devices or equipment.

Consolidate to one platform

There’s no need for a suite of video creation tools — one platform covers the end-to-end process.

Easy, intuitive design

An intuitive experience makes it easy for guests and contributors to create content and saves time for video professionals.

Simplify workflows

Provide video creators a uniform, straightforward process — creating guardrails for creativity with security in mind.

Empower everyone to create video

Enable everyone, everywhere to easily create video, featuring more of your diverse team in content.

Save time (and money)

Ditch the agencies — bring video creation in-house. Socialive empowers creators and reduces time and costs for production experts.

Scale up video creation with Socialive

How Tech, Ops, UCC and IT teams use Socialive

The end-to-end video creation platform that simplifies recording, editing, publishing, and livestreaming for businesses.

Product Demos and Showcases

A product demo is a stellar way to communicate your product’s unique value — and a professional video helps to connect and communicate with your audience.

Customer Panels and Roundtables

Customer experience has become a requirement, with 85% of B2B buyers ranking the experience they receive as important as the company’s products or services (Salesforce).

Features Overview

Take your video production to new heights

With the drag-and-drop Studio you can combine presenter feeds into layouts, plus add overlays, graphics and lower thirds.

Connect with the most popular enterprise tools

Seamlessly integrate the solutions and platforms your teams already use to create more efficient workflows

A video content creation platform designed for business users

Trusted by the Fortune 1000, Socialive delivers video at scale with enterprise-class reliability and security

"The Virtual Green Room changes the game drastically for our hosts and guests, allowing for a much more seamless and realistic experience for them. It is genuinely a huge upgrade. Socialive paves the way in innovation when it comes to livestreaming!"

Hector Guevara, Quality Assurance Engineer, Nike

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