Cloud video production made easy

Empower content creators and video producers across the enterprise to create high-quality live and on-demand video content from any location using the devices you already have.

Simplify your tech stack

Consolidate overlapping video tech and tools into one best-in-class platform that covers cloud video production, remote recordings and live streaming all in one.

Create better video experiences

Enable a more modern video experience that delights end users and key stakeholders. 

Standardize video creation

Simplify and create consistency in video content creation workflows across the organization with the security and controls you need. 

Empower business users with self-serve video

Democratize video content creation across departments through Socialive’s intuitive, cloud-based platform.

Increased ROI

Spend less on external agencies, overlapping technologies and expensive hardware setups through our unlimited use platform.

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How Tech, Ops, UCC and IT teams use Socialive

The all-in-one enterprise video platform with endless possibilities

Corporate Brand Videos

When it comes to capturing hearts and minds, video trumps every other digital communication option for corporate brands.

Product Demos and Showcases

A product demo is a stellar way to communicate your product’s unique value — and a professional video helps to connect and communicate with your audience.

How-To Videos

Did you know that learning and educational content drives over a billion views a day on YouTube?

Features Overview

Take your video production to new heights

The easiest way to create professional-grade video and live streams in the cloud — with the team you already have

Connect with the most popular enterprise tools

Seamlessly integrate the solutions and platforms your teams already use to create more efficient workflows

A video content creation platform designed for business users

Trusted by the Fortune 1000, Socialive delivers video at scale with enterprise-class reliability and security

"The new Green Room changes the game drastically for our Host and Guest that we partner up with. Allowing for a much more seamless and realistic experience for them. It is genuinely a huge upgrade and we are proud to be part of the group that is helping Socialive pave the way in innovation when it comes to livestreaming!"

Hector Guevara, Quality Assurance Engineer, Nike

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