The easiest way to get high-quality recordings

With Socialive, you have all the tools to record however and wherever you need. All of your content is captured in up to 4K resolution and automatically saved in one secure location.

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Versatile recording options

Record with your browser

Capture high-quality videos of yourself and your screen with Recording Booth.

Record on mobile

Use our app to capture video from the field using the powerful camera in your pocket.

Record a group

Remotely record up to 20 people with Recording Studio — with their preferred devices.

Your video will look amazing every single time

Always get the highest-quality video, even if you don’t have the highest-quality internet. If your internet drops in the middle of recording, we continue capturing up to 4K quality no matter what.

teleprompter scrolling through script and resizing font

Deliver your content with confidence

Use the built-in teleprompter to have your script front and center while you record. There’s no need to memorize your script word for word, and your eyes will effortlessly stay in-line with the camera.

All your video is safely stored in one place

After a session, your recordings are automatically uploaded to your secure cloud library. Contributors don’t need to worry about manually sending files, and you won’t have to ask them where their videos are. Editors can access the recordings immediately and get straight to work.

Recordings never stored on the device
No more uploading/downloading
Never chase down a file again
Available to edit right away
Secure centralized library
Controlled access to content

That’s nice, but how does it work in the real world?

executive person creating video

I’m a busy exec

Marketing asked me to record a video for social media, but I have limited time.

Join a recording session

The personalized invite link allows me to launch the recording session when it fits my schedule — all with a single click.

Get the perfect take

Using my preferred device, I can record as many takes as I want, selecting the best one for use.

All done!

My recording is automatically uploaded to the central library so the team can start editing. Nothing is saved on my device, and I move on with my packed schedule.

happy creative person recording video

I’m an in-house creative

For our annual user conference, I need to create dozens of introduction videos to use in the product announcements.

Create an invite link

I create a custom invitation link for each contributor by simply entering their email address. All they have to do is click the link on their preferred device to start a remote recording session when it fits their schedule.

Videos uploaded automatically

I never have to track down a video or worry about it stored on their device. As soon as they are finished with a session, the file uploads automatically.

Start editing

The content from each contributor is stored in one central location so me and my team can begin editing the final videos right away

account manager recording video

I’m out in the field

I need to record timely content for my clients while I’m on the road.

Record on-the-fly from my phone

I have the flexibility to record content with my phone when it is convenient for me.

Move on with my day

When I’m finished, the video is uploaded to the central library so my team can access it.

That’s it!

The video is immediately available for my team to review, add branding, ensure compliance, and send out

How to center your comms strategy around video.

Why record with Socialive?

Guided recordings

Collaborate and advise a VIP to ensure their session goes off without a hitch.

Group recordings

Save time piecing multiple sessions together and record up to 20 people at the same time.

Self recordings

Flexibly record yourself and your screen whenever it fits your schedule.

Use your preferred device

Talent and guests can choose to record with the device they feel most comfortable with.

One-click to join

Simple for contributors to start a recording — one click and you're ready to go.

No manual transfers

Recordings are automatically uploaded, saving everyone involved time and energy.

Quality every time

You are guaranteed to get the highest quality recording from every single session.

Fully branded and customized

Make every recording in any environment professional, compliant and on brand.

Record Edit

Move from recording straight into editing all without leaving the platform.

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Frequently asked questions about recording

The moment you're done recording the video file is instantly sent to your team's centralized content library and removed from the device. This keeps content confidential and makes it easy to move recordings to the next step

Each recording is sent to a secure recording library, which can only be accessed by assigned team members within your account. Designated roles control who can record, upload, and access recordings afterward.

Yes, Socialive supports an array of external recording devices such as DSLRs, studio camera equipment, and everything in between. Socialive supports any kind of setup, ranging from DIY video to professional cameras.

Socialive makes it easy for anyone to join by a personalized invite link. Additionally, team members with access can join the recording session straight from their account via the "sessions" tab.

No, talent doesn’t need to create a Socialive account to record content. Just send them a link to record on their own or to participate in a guided recording, and they can join from their preferred device.

Of course not! You can record in the perfect format for your destination. Content can be recorded in 16:9 landscape, 1:1 square, 4:5 portrait, or 9:16 portrait. It doesn’t matter if your content is for social media, meant to be viewed on mobile device or a widescreen TV, Socialive provides you options to record in each format from both desktop and mobile devices.

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