Human-first marketing at your fingertips

Great video transforms how customers experience your brand. Socialive’s streamlined platform empowers you to efficiently scale up your high quality video content creation.

Stand out

It’s a noisy world. You need to break through. Reach prospects and customers, wherever they are in their lifecycle, with dynamic video content and experiences.

Engage authentically

Show your true colors. Humanize your brand with interactive live streams and recorded, on-demand video content.

Democratize video content creation

Socialive’s platform allows marketers to produce high quality content, event experiences and live productions normally reserved for video production teams.

Work smarter, not harder

Streamline your workflow by recording, editing, and distributing content all without ever leaving the Socialive platform.

Do more with less

Rely less on outside agencies by bringing video production in house. Scale quickly with studio-quality capabilities that everyone on your team can use.   

See what Socialive can do for you

How marketers use Socialive

The all-in-one enterprise video platform with endless possibilities 

C-Suite Fireside Chats

Fireside chats date back to the 1930’s when U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt needed a way to calm the American public.

Company Shows and Game Shows

Gallup’s annual State Of The Global Workplace report states that a staggering 85% of employees are either not actively engaged or actively disengaged at work.

Customer Panels and Roundtables

Customer experience has become a requirement, with 85% of B2B buyers ranking the experience they receive as important as the company’s products or services (Salesforce).

Features Overview

Dynamic live streaming, simplified

Harness the power of authentic, on-brand live video to reach wider audiences, scale your content and drive real-time engagement 

Your virtual recording studio

Effortlessly record video remotely from any device, without sacrificing quality or control

Take your video production to new heights

The easiest way to create professional-grade video and live streams in the cloud — with the team you already have

“Socialive has been a really fun and exciting addition to our direct marketing tool kit. It allows us to have direct, real-time conversations with our brand loyalists. Not only does it open the door for a new sales channel, but it also serves to strengthen our relationships with our core customers. And it’s very easy and intuitive to use to boot!”

Lauren Leisenring, Director of Marketing, Live Shopping, Guthy-Renker

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