Applying the human touch at scale

Your audience consumes tons of video — so get your message where the people are. Socialive empowers marketers to create engaging, professional video at scale.

Showcase your differentiator

Prospects and customers at every stage have endless content options. Create professional video that breaks through the noise.

Express your brand

Humanize your brand with professional video — recorded or livestreamed — to show the audience your true colors.

More content, less expenses

Ditch the agencies — bring video creation in-house. Socialive empowers more creators and reduces time and costs for production experts.

Save time (and money)

Socialive empowers teams to record, edit, publish, and livestream — all in one platform — and integrates with preferred publishing channels.

Create more video

By bringing video creation in-house and streamlining the process, marketing teams can create more videos without additional spend.

Scale up video creation with Socialive

How Marketers use Socialive

The end-to-end video creation platform that simplifies recording, editing, publishing, and livestreaming for businesses.

Field marketing

Companies across industries and regions tackle recruitment hurdles in order to build results-driven teams.

Podcasting and videocasting

Companies across industries and regions tackle recruitment hurdles in order to build results-driven teams.

Virtual Events

Improve how your business connects and engages with Webinars, virtual trade shows, online conferences, virtual job fairs, fireside chats, and more.

“Socialive is intuitive and easy to use. You don't have to be a video expert to learn it. End-to-end, it makes things a lot easier and more streamlined. The platform has always been so user-centric and focused.”

Benjamin French Cobb, Sr. Manager, Global Digital Marketing, BCG

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