Build meaningful connections, globally

Employees crave connection and context — video is a scalable way to build a positive culture and improve transparency in the distributed workplace.

Video- and social-first

Turn traditional email, meetings and overly scripted productions into the more genuine, dynamic and social-style video content people prefer today.

Move faster

Our all-in-one platform removes unnecessary friction and complexity, enabling real-time video creation and live streaming in minutes, not days.

Maintain brand standards 

Ensure all your recordings and live streams are studio quality and on brand with up to 4K resolution and graphics, overlays, and lower thirds.

Amplify diverse voices

Our cloud video production platform eliminates the barriers of physical production, increasing capacity and making it easy to produce more video that features diverse talent from anywhere in the world.

Effortless for busy executives, from anywhere

Socialive makes it easy and enjoyable for executives to contribute studio-quality video from home, the corporate studio or on-the-go

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How Executive Communications teams use Socialive

The all-in-one platform that powers remote recording, video production and distribution for enterprise-wide communications

Podcasting and videocasting

Companies across industries and regions tackle recruitment hurdles in order to build results-driven teams.

CEO Earnings Calls and Briefings

Provide quarterly earnings calls – one of the most strategic communications tools available for influencing investor relations (IR).

Virtual Fireside Chats

Fireside chats date back to the 1930’s when U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt needed a way to calm the American public.

Features Overview

Take your video production to new heights

With the drag-and-drop Studio you can combine presenter feeds into layouts, plus add overlays, graphics and lower thirds.

Manage remote talent

Effortless for presenters, with the controls and power of a live TV studio for producers

A video content creation platform designed for business users

Trusted by the Fortune 1000, Socialive delivers video at scale with enterprise-class reliability and security

“In-person talent wouldn't go on-stage without a green room to prepare – and virtual appearances feel no different. With Socialive, it’s easy for my guests to follow along with the show before they go on-air.”

Katie Martell, Professional Business Speaker and Marketing Expert

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