Quarterly earnings calls may be routine for publicly traded companies, but they represent one of the most strategic communications tools available for influencing investor relations (IR) — specifically the analysts, investors and journalists who attend them. An earnings call is the ideal platform for a company to control its message, enabling it to showcase its track record in execution, promote its forward-thinking strategy and manage expectations around performance.

What and how a CEO communicates on an earnings call matters

In particular, how an analyst perceives a CEO’s presentation can have an outsized impact on how investors and the media evaluate a company. According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, shares of companies with CEOs who made liberal use of positive words when describing financials during earnings calls outperformed other companies by as much as 9% per year (via CNBC). Clearly, how a CEO delivers the company messaging on an earnings call can pay huge dividends.

How your earnings call can miss the mark

However, the timing between closing the books on a quarter and reporting on performance is often tight, making it difficult to produce a polished, professional earnings call that elevates your company and positively impacts investors. 

There’s a lot that goes into it such as:

  • Creating the story and integrating content from multiple sources and types, whether it’s charts from Finance or video clips from Marketing
  • Ensuring consistent branding across all components
  • Coordinating with your C-suite team to prepare and present, whether they are in the office, traveling or working from remote locations
  • Managing all the technology required to ensure the highest quality of audio and visual presentation with no disruption
  • Making sure everyone stays on point during the call
  • Capturing the call and making it easily available on demand.

All the moving parts must come together smoothly or you risk not just missing the mark, but also negatively impressing the people with the most influence on your company’s stock performance.

How to produce exceptionally impactful CEO earnings calls and briefings with Socialive

To execute a flawless earnings call or briefing that shines light on CEO leadership and company performance, while overcoming the very real challenges you face in pulling it all together, you need a solution to streamline and elevate how you produce and present the event. 

At Socialive, we’ve streamlined the production of high-quality video, so everyone that contributes to preparing for your earnings call can work together to produce branded, immersive experiences that inspire, inform and engage viewers. 

Socialive’s all-in-one enterprise video content creation platform lets you and your team: 

  • Create dynamic and engaging earnings calls and CEO briefings with cloud-based video production, including preset workflows to mix and match live, pre-recorded and screen share video with dynamic layouts and branded graphic content to keep it professional and consistent
  • Capture HD video and audio content from anywhere — straight from your phone, tablet or desktop browser. Socialive’s remote recording capabilities ensure the highest quality content possible
  • Simulate a live event to broadcast at a scheduled time so that the call maintains its authentic presentation, but with the ability to edit and audit for compliance before sharing
  • Manage behind the scenes during the event and collaborate with presenters in a virtual Green Room
  • Reach the widest audience possible by broadcasting simultaneously to multiple channels
  • Streamline content management with the ability to capture, store and access HD video in a secure, centralized cloud-based recordings library. No manual file transfer required

Our video content creation platform is the fastest, easiest way to create, broadcast and distribute your earnings call. Learn how we can help you elevate your CEO earnings calls and briefings today.

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