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Create better video, faster


The true end-to-end platform to record, edit, publish, and livestream professional video

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Make more video

Save time and money on every video you make. Increase the amount of professional-quality video you can create with your existing team.

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Make better video

Combine crisp and clear video with your brand’s look and feel to ensure everything looks just how you want.

Keep it all secure

From recording to publishing, our platform is engineered to meet the most rigorous security and compliance standards.

Trusted by leading companies around the world

An easier way to record

Anyone can record high-quality video that’s automatically saved to a secure central location.

Record how and where you want

Record yourself, your screen, or an entire group. Your team can record from anywhere, anytime on their preferred device.

Quality guaranteed

Every take, on any device, is captured at the highest quality every single time — no matter what.

Everything saved in one place

All recordings end up in the platform library, ready for anyone to review and edit.

Built-in editing

A seamless record-to-edit workflow means your videos are ready faster.

An editor everyone can use

Editing doesn’t have to be hard — simply drag and drop video and graphics into place and automatically add a professional, on-brand look and feel.

Ensure brand consistency

Templatize the process so maintaining brand standards is easy and repeatable.

Instantly publish everywhere

Looking for an internal review? Pushing videos out to social? Get your videos everywhere they need to go in a single click.

We play nice with everyone

Connect with the most popular enterprise tools you already use to streamline video creation workflows and improve productivity.

Make it, ship it

Say goodbye to manual file transfers. With Socialive you can create and publish all from a single platform.

Stress-free livestreams

Have a big product announcement? Is it already time for that quarterly all-hands meeting? Going live when you need to is now easier than you ever thought possible.

Studio-quality using only your browser

Simultaneously livestream professional-quality video to multiple channels from our powerful but intuitive virtual studio.

An easy experience for your presenters

Socialive’s Virtual Green Room streamlines behind-the-scenes communication between remote producers and presenters, ensuring your talent delivers inspiring content.

Learn what’s possible

Start creating more video with Socialive.