Uplevel your events, not your budget

Produce professional video at scale for all your events and webinars — without the expense. Uplevel your team, not your budget, and deliver better content.

Deliver professional quality

Empower teams across your organization to easily create polished, studio-quality video with overlays, lower thirds and custom graphics for all their business needs

Integrate with event and webinar platforms

Socialive pairs seamlessly as the video production layer on top of event hosting platforms such as ON24, GlobalMeet, Intrado, Cvent and Hopin.

Save time (and money)

Socialive empowers teams to record, edit, broadcast, or livestream your event content — in one platform — and allows easy clipping and video storage in a single location.

Create once, distribute forever

Easily record pre-event promos and teasers and clip the best sections to drive demand post-event in Socialive’s intuitive video creation platform.

Amplify your message

Simulcast livestreams across targeted channels and publish recordings instantly. Socialive’s out-of-the-box integrations eliminate file transfers and expand your reach.

Scale up video creation with Socialive

How Webinar and Events teams use Socialive

The end-to-end video creation platform that simplifies recording, editing, publishing, and livestreaming for businesses.

Podcasting and videocasting

Companies across industries and regions tackle recruitment hurdles in order to build results-driven teams.

Customer Panels and Roundtables

Customer experience has become a requirement, with 85% of B2B buyers ranking the experience they receive as important as the company’s products or services (Salesforce).

“With Socialive, we can connect people who aren’t in the same room and make it appear as if they were. The biggest benefit of the tool is that we can curate the event experience and connect people in a meaningful way.”

Steffen Brüning, Director of Client Experience (Digital), Flipside Group

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