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Empower your team to create, broadcast and distribute studio-quality videos at scale

Self-service video creation, limitless possibilities

Socialive is the fastest, easiest way to create, broadcast and distribute unlimited live and on-demand videos at studio quality. The platform puts intuitive yet professional-grade video production workflows into the hands of everyday business users.


Easily create video content in Socialive’s Studio in the Cloud™ whether or not you have video experience


Simultaneously broadcast live across social media, event and employee engagement platforms with one-click multicasting


Publish on-demand content just about anywhere, so you can meet audiences where they are

Meet the moment™ with video

Cloud Video Production
Virtual Green Room

Remote Recording

Live Streaming
Recordings Library
Mobile Capabilities
Embeddable Video Player
Built for the Enterprise

Take your video production to new heights

The easiest way to create professional-grade video and live streams in the cloud — with the team you already have

The Green Room has gone virtual

Effortless for presenters, with the controls and power of a live TV studio for producers

Your virtual recording studio

Easily record video remotely from any device, without sacrificing quality or control

Dynamic live streaming, simplified

Harness the power of authentic, on-brand live video to reach wider audiences, scale your content and drive real-time engagement

Get more out of your content

Easily source, produce and publish video and audio content from one shared central hub

Video production, on the go

Whether you’re in the office or on location, Socialive’s mobile app makes it easy to record and broadcast video from anywhere, on any device

It’s your video — own it

Host live broadcasts directly on your website, your way

Connect with the most popular enterprise tools

Seamlessly integrate the solutions and platforms your teams already use to create more efficient workflows

A video content creation platform designed for business users

Trusted by the Fortune 1000, Socialive delivers video at scale with enterprise-class reliability and security

Unlock the power of video across your organization

Socialive is designed to meet the needs of every business function. Our platform enables teams to create video at scale to drive new levels of customer and employee engagement.
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