Strengthen onboarding, learning and enablement

Socialive makes it easy to create training videos. Use authentic, snackable video content that informs while holding their attention.

Create content people want

In a time where “the school of YouTube” is prevalent, create training paths geared toward the modern learner. Snackable, authentic content streamlines the training process.

Create videos faster

Socialive is easy for anyone to use — regardless of video proficiency. Create training videos quickly and easily so you can make more training materials without adding resources.

Immerse your learners

Drive deeper engagement with dynamic video content. Socialive makes it easy to edit in graphics, short recordings, or anything else to help learners retain information.

Real-time learning experiences

Create an internal-facing livestream with ease in Socialive. Give your employees the interactive learning experience they deserve.

Feature your people

Why use an avatar or stock footage when you can feature your employees? Socialive makes it easy for everyone to record best practices and expertise.

Scale up video creation with Socialive

How Learning and Development teams use Socialive

Learn straight from our own learning and enablement team and see how they create video courses in 5 steps.

Field enablement

Companies across industries and regions tackle recruitment hurdles in order to build results-driven teams.

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