Actively engaging employees through learning, especially in remote and hybrid work models, can be well worth the investments you make. In a 2020 LinkedIn survey, 94% of employees reported they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development. 

Although your employee learning and development program may already contain a mix of approaches, including instructor-led training, virtual ILT, self-paced, on demand and much more, one critical factor that might be missing is community. A downside of our ability to work from anywhere is that employee engagement is plummeting. Finding ways to incorporate community back into work can help counteract the disconnectedness and isolation many employees experience. LinkedIn found that learning together powers employee engagement, fosters greater success at work for those who participate, and creates a sense of belonging for all involved.

To incorporate community into your learning and development approach, make sure you are using video to its full potential. Video is an ideal medium to create truly engaging, interactive learning for employees and set them up for success from day one. Of course, we practice what we preach at Socialive, and our learning and enablement team uses video at the core of their learning strategy.

Let’s look at how you might reimagine employee training and onboarding with video.

Powering employee training and learning with video

Whether you’re covering soft skills like managing teams or technical skills like deep-dive technical product overviews, video has something for everyone. With video, you can address different learning styles, whether visual, auditory or kinesthetic.

You can easily have anyone record their own video or you can set the stage for a livestream, providing both community time and self-paced content. You can provide on-demand access to recordings and videos that were livestreamed, so learners can review as needed. You can bring in multiple presenters in a panel or Q&A live chat, to share different perspectives and get everyone involved. You can share screens, presentations and other supplemental content, or ditch the presentation format and engage directly.

Crucially, new employees can gain insights directly from the field as video powers power peer-to-peer learning. Imagine a world where someone new to a role learns from someone with the same role in a different market rather than memorizing generic content that may or may not apply to their role. You gain a great deal of flexibility to meet the needs of your learners, and you can do it all with minimum disruption.

Successfully onboard employees with video

Much more than an employee orientation that lasts a week or two, companies that are most successful at improving employee engagement and retention invest in employee onboarding. Successful onboarding involves four key areas, according to Dr. Talya Bauer and the Society of Human Resource Management Foundation:

  • Compliance, covering a company’s policies and processes
  • Clarification, covering an employee’s role and responsibilities
  • Culture, explaining the company’s values and norms
  • Connection, helping a new employee create relationships and a sense of community

Video’s versatility makes it a critical component of a strategic onboarding program. You can use video to record training sessions or livestream insights, introduce leaders, share best practices, and open lively Q&A sessions with domain experts and team members. As with employee training and learning, video can help you create immersive experiences for new employees that help them quickly learn how they can contribute and forge deeper engagement faster.

Maximize employee training, learning, and onboarding impact with Socialive

The most successful employee learning and development programs present employees with relevant and engaging information that helps get them started and increases their desire to work for you long-term. Video is the most versatile, cost-effective, and effective way to deliver information and create the immersive experiences employees need to feel connected.

At Socialive, we’ve made it easy for you and your team to work together to produce unique, engaging video content for employee training that inspires and informs. Socialive’s all-in-one enterprise video content creation platform lets you: 

  • Livestream compelling and authentic employee spotlight videos with cloud video production, using preset layouts to mix high-quality live and recorded content with graphics and branding so everything looks professional and consistent
  • Record crisp video and audio content from anywhere — straight from your phone, tablet, or desktop browser — Socialive’s remote recording capabilities ensure the highest quality content possible from any place with any device
  • Streamline content management with the ability to securely record, store, and grant access to content in your recordings library — every session is automatically uploaded
  • Interact with employees through live question-and-answer sessions
  • Collaborate with talent behind the scenes to manage presenters, share talking points, and provide other direction through a Virtual Green Room
  • Create snackable video training and clips to share on internal channels and even external channels in support of your learning and development programs

Video can transform your learning and development approach into a strategic advantage for your business, helping you attract, engage and keep the best talent in the market. Check out how our learning and enablement team adds video to their learning courses in 5 easy steps.

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