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With Socialive, you can deliver a high-quality livestream to all your channels straight from your browser. Bring in multiple presenters, customize the look to match your brand and broadcast with confidence.

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Why livestream with Socialive?

Dynamic video production

Create studio-quality livestreams straight from your browser. Effortlessly add layouts, graphics, overlays, sound effects, and pre-recorded videos.

Simple to set up

Create professional-looking broadcasts, regardless of your team’s technical expertise. Use your existing equipment devices, arrange scenes with drag-and-drop simplicity, and save your setup for the next time you go live.

Easy for presenters

Invite guest talent with a clickable link and manage them behind the scenes in Socialive’s Virtual Green Room. Let talent focus on nailing the content, while we handle the back-end logistics.

Reach your audience everywhere

Broadcast your livestream to all your selected destinations, including social media channels, web pages internal communication tools, and webinar platforms — with a single click.

Maximize content value

Your fully produced video along with each presenter’s HD video and audio feed is recorded and immediately available after your livestream. Built-in editing tools help you create dozens of new assets within minutes to fuel your content engine.

Linked Live Preferred Partner

You’ll gain first-to-market access to new LinkedIn Live features and receive the highest level of LinkedIn account support.

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A great livestream experience for everyone

With Socialive Studio, anyone can create a dynamic run of show featuring live guests, branded graphics, uploaded presentations, and pre-recorded video in dynamic layouts — all from your browser.

Our Virtual Green Room streamlines behind-the-scenes communication between remote producers and presenters, ensuring a stress-free experience and a high-quality broadcast every single time.

Cut through the noise with a studio-quality experience for viewers, not another virtual meeting.

Livestream to all your channels

Our powerful broadcast studio streams to all your selected destinations at the same time, with no limitations on who your content can reach.

This all sounds great, but how does it work with my team?

livestream producer with crossed arms

Hi, I’m the producer

I am responsible for building the production ahead of time and have all the tools at my fingertips during the live event. All of my work takes place in the Socialive Studio.

Before the livestream

I build scenes by adding sources, selecting layouts, applying branding, and arranging the run-of-show. This way our dynamic livestream is ready to air with fewer changes in the moment.

During the livestream

With my run-of-show set, I manage the broadcast with a few simple clicks, and I still have complete control to make on-the-fly adjustments.

After the livestream

Within minutes, I clip key moments from the broadcast to share on social media and use in other content — all without leaving Socialive."

livestream presenter with crossed arms

Hi, I’m a presenter

I am responsible for delivering the key messages in the broadcast. The Virtual Green Room makes my job easy by providing me a comfortable backstage environment to prepare for the show and deliver a great presentation when we go live.

Before the livesream

I join the Virtual Green Room with one click, where I chat with the director, and review talking points with my co-presenters.

During the livestream

I give cues to presenters, relay audience questions, and keep the program moving forward.

After the livestream

I get clips of the event to share with my network and engage viewers who may have missed the live event.

livestream director with crossed arms

Hi, I’m the director

I’m not in the show, but I play an important role in keeping everything on track. All of my work is done in the Virtual Green Room.

Before the livestream

I am the friendly face in the Virtual Green Room, answering questions and making the presenters feel at ease.

During the livestream

I give cues to presenters, relay audience questions, and keep the agenda moving forward.

After the livestream

I review the recorded content and approve key moments I want to repurpose for use in marketing efforts.

Turn your one-off livestream into a full-fledged campaign

Our end-to-end video creation platform gives you the tools to transform each livestream into a multitude of marketing assets — expanding reach, awareness and demand.

Drive webinar registrations by having presenters record pre-event promotional content

Increase content engagement with powerful snackable segments clipped from the livestream

Extend reach by repurposing your videos into audio podcasts with MP3 exports
livestream broadcast campaign assets


How to get the most out of your LinkedIn Live

Powerful livestreaming features, all in your browser

Cloud-based studio

Deliver professional, dynamic livestreams all from your browser, no special hardware or software needed.

Craft your run of show

Drag and drop your scenes into dynamic layouts, choose your live sources, and add media such as pre-recorded video, slides, or graphics in advance.

Keep it on-brand

Elevate your content with branded title cards, graphics, lower-thirds, CTAs, and more.

One-click simulcast

Simultaneously broadcast across channels like LinkedIn, Instagram, Microsoft Teams, Brightcove, Globalmeet, ON24, Kaltura, and more.

Virtual Green Room

Streamline behind-the-scenes communication between up to 20 remote producers and presenters, ensuring every broadcast is high quality.

Simulated live

Pre-record all your content in Socialive or upload video content produced outside the platform. When ready, livestream your content as if it is live.

Quizzes, Q&As, polls and more

Bring your livestreams to life! Socialive works seamlessly with audience engagement tools for quizzes, Q&As, polls, and other viewer interaction.

Instant access to recordings

Socialive automatically records your livestream and uploads both the entire broadcast and recordings of each guest to your secure recordings library.

Edit right in the platform

Quicky clip, add branding, and repurpose content across desired channels.

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Frequently asked questions about livestreaming

No. Socialive is a browser-based video creation platform, so there is no software to download.

Nope! There's no need for a separate software or hardware encoder. Socialive takes care of it. However, if your team wants to use a separate encoder, they can.

With Socialive, you can livestream and send content to:

  • Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Periscope
  • Virtual Event and Webinar: ON24, GlobalMeet, Kollective, Hopin, Intrado, Swoogo, Cvent, Eventmobi
  • Enterprise Video: Pigeonhole Live, Kaltura, Vbrick, JW Player, Maestro, Splash, Brightcove
  • Team Collaboration: Bizzabo, Workplace from Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Stream, BrightTALK
  • Ecommerce: Amazon Live, Shopify ...and more!

Yes! Instagram now supports livestreaming outside its own mobile application. It can be added as a distribution option within Socialive, and there are plenty of ways to create compelling content within Instagram, including sending content straight to Instagram Reels or Instagram Stories.

There is no limit to the number of platforms you can broadcast to. You can broadcast to multiple pages within a single platform, or across multiple platforms. We offer a number of out-of-the-box enterprise integrations.

You can use any camera, from your iPhone to a webcam to a cinematic camera, supporting quality up to 4K resolution. If you’re just getting started, check out our article on recommended external equipment.

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