Key takeaways:
Instagram Live supports streaming platforms
Producing in a livestreaming platform boost quality and control
Socialive makes it easy to repurpose livestreams for social posts

Instagram Live now supports streaming from third-party software!

This integration enables teams to leverage all of Socialive’s end-to-end, easy-to-use video creation platform for their Instagram content, including pre-recorded videos, drag-and-drop layouts, custom branding, attention-grabbing graphics, and audio and video overlays.

Just record, edit, publish, and then livestream straight to Instagram!

As the only enterprise video solution that supports vertical orientations right out of the box, Socialive is the ideal partner to take advantage of this new feature. Flexible layouts and branded graphics adjust automatically, so you can focus on creating great content. With Socialive’s remote recording feature, organizations can source content asynchronously from anyone, anywhere.

Head to our support article if you want a step-by-step breakdown of how to set up Socialive to livestream to Instagram. Read on to see the benefits of livestreaming on Instagram.

Meet your audience where they are

If you want to engage with your audience on social media, you’ll need a mobile-first content strategy. Approximately 90% of active users in the United States access social media via mobile devices. And users spend around 3.1 billion hours globally streaming user-generated content daily on mobile-native, short-form video apps like TikTok and YouTube.

When it comes to video, delivering the best mobile experience requires producing vertical content. Vertical video allows you to fill the entire screen of a mobile device, whereas a horizontal video will only fill around one-third of the frame.

Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and TikTok have all contributed to the rising popularity of vertical videos. Now, there are more than 200 million businesses active on Instagram alone. But this shift didn’t happen in a vacuum. Consumer behavior has played a significant role in the rise of vertical video. Studies show people hold their phones vertically 94% of the time, even when consuming horizontal content.

That’s one of the reasons why vertical video is a more compelling format on mobile — an insight Snap shared as far back as 2015, when it reported that viewers watched vertical ads to completion 9x more often than horizontal ads.

TL;DR Vertical video content is fundamental to meeting your audience where they are.

Create simulive, live-to-tape, and recorded video in Socialive

Of course, not everything you create is perfect for live. There will be times when you want to post video to Instagram Stories or Reels without taking a ton of time going back to the live stream, downloading the saved file, rendering, editing, reformatting for Instagram, and then reuploading. With Socialive you can record, edit, and publish with ease.

Elevate your content quality

Despite its popularity among consumers, many brands have remained hesitant to stream on platforms like Instagram Live. In the past, brands had to go live natively within the Instagram app, which dramatically limited their production value and provided no opportunity for custom branding.

Now, the popular social networking service has released Instagram Live Producer — a tool that allows you to go live on Instagram using third-party streaming software. That means Socialive users can create high-quality vertical video content in our platform, then distribute it to audiences on Instagram with the click of a button.

With Socialive, you can easily elevate the quality of your Instagram content through drag-and-drop layouts, custom branding, attention-grabbing graphics, and audio and video overlays. This is especially useful for brands who want to capitalize on the authenticity of Instagram Live while keeping their content professional-looking and free from on-air mistakes.

Our platform also enables teams to remotely record and edit content in advance, which provides brands with the flexibility needed to create great content and remain agile. This feature makes it easy to repurpose previously recorded content, as well as add branding and polish to videos before publishing. The party doesn’t stop after the event, as Socialive makes it easy to repurpose your final video into new content.

Likewise, Socialive ensures teams can maintain compliance and preserve approval processes. Pre-recorded videos can be reviewed by the appropriate stakeholders before their distribution on Instagram Live. Not only does this process facilitate review processes, it also guarantees all content shared to Instagram is free from user errors or technical issues.

Socialive + Instagram Live Producer will be a transformative integration for brands looking to uplevel the production value of their mobile video content. Get in touch with your customer success manager or schedule a demo to explore the possibilities for your team.