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Socialive: the enterprise’s go-to LinkedIn Live partner
Easily repurposing livestreams into new content
Building a content strategy around repurposed content

B2B marketing thrives on LinkedIn. So it stands to reason that if livestreaming is a part of your media mix, LinkedIn Live is a valuable resource.

But you already knew that.

What you might not have considered is that your livestream on LinkedIn doesn’t have to be a one-and-done marketing play.

Sure, it’s great to put together a video panel for thought leadership. Hearing from customers and prospects alike in real time is valuable. And each piece of content impacts brand awareness.

But what about driving high-quality leads and generating business?

The beauty of livestreaming on the leading B2B social site is that you’re already creating video content where your ICP is. Here’s how you can take your LinkedIn Live and transform it into demand-generation gold — without running up your marketing budget.

Maximize the ROI of your livestream

Nearly 90% of marketers say video content produces a good return on investment. This mostly comes down to the fact that video is a highly engaging medium.

Livestreams supercharge the level of engagement by creating an urgency and immediacy that don’t exist in evergreen content. They’re a huge driver of brand awareness, bolstered by natural opportunities to promote the event in the run-up.

But once the livestream is over, savvy marketers understand that they’ve only scratched the surface of their video content’s potential.

If you’ve heard the mantra of content marketing guru Ross Simmonds, “Create once, distribute forever,” you know where we’re going here.

You can take the transcript of a livestream and chop it into a blog post. Take that blog post and share it in your newsletter. Clip out portions of your livestream and share them as video social posts.

Socialive guide to repurposing LinkedIn Live livestream content

For the demand gen team, this means that each livestream presents endless potential to fuel the content engine.

You immediately have a starting point for a video advertisement.

Video ads are high-performing assets. More than 90% of marketers say video increases brand awareness, better educates their audience, drives higher web traffic, and generates more leads than other forms of media.

You can’t afford not to use video for demand generation.

The beauty of an end-to-end video creation platform such as Socialive is that you don’t need separate teams, freelancers, or other tools to produce the livestream and generate new video content. You can produce, go live, and repurpose the livestream into snackable clips, full videos, and more — all in one platform.

This saves time, money, and effort in your content creation. There are plenty of ways to keep costs down while generating new assets, but repurposing existing content is a key way to maximize your content ROI.

Socialive: the LinkedIn Live partner for the enterprise

So why LinkedIn Live? Why not just livestream on YouTube, host a livestream on your own site, or take advantage of a number of other social sites and then share those spin-off pieces on LinkedIn?

Easy. Because LinkedIn Live outperforms the vast majority of content on LinkedIn. Compared with a standard video post, LinkedIn Live broadcasts receive seven times more reactions and 24 times more comments. There are plenty of opportunities to post to LinkedIn to promote the event ahead of time, and then your followers are notified when you go live.

With each livestream you are vastly expanding your reach and marketing to a much wider audience that represents your ICP. This means messaging directly to a higher-quality audience, which translates to higher-quality leads.

Why use Socialive and not just a custom RTMP ingest?

Well, if you ask LinkedIn, they would suggest a broadcast partner — with Socialive quite literally being at the top of the list.

As a preferred LinkedIn Live partner, Socialive makes it easy to deliver an enterprise-grade livestream without the need for complex equipment or tons of people to produce the live show. We’re happy to walk you through all the steps, but TL;DR — we put the power of a TV studio in your browser and connect it straight to LinkedIn.

Wait, is this the same as a LinkedIn Event?

No, LinkedIn Live isn’t the same as a LinkedIn Event, though a LinkedIn Event can also be a great lead generation tool.

Think of a LinkedIn Live as a massive billboard in Times Square, while a LinkedIn Event is a Broadway show. LinkedIn Live is meant to maximize reach, while LinkedIn Events are best at getting sign-ups — but don’t forget, this is limited to LinkedIn users.

Check out our previous pieces on the differences between LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events to learn more.

Cloud video production: high production value with fewer costs

Imagine your team produces a one-hour livestream once a month. It’s shot from a physical production studio, and each presenter needs to come in-studio. Your crew is about a dozen people. The final product: a beautiful, dynamic show that cost thousands of dollars to produce.

Now imagine that same show, that same look and feel, but it doesn’t require any guests to travel to the studio, and only two people are needed to produce it.

That’s the difference with Socialive, powered by cloud video production.

Socialive’s cloud video production tools put an intuitive production suite right at your fingertips. This powers faster, easier video production with an intuitive, drag-and-drop studio that lets you build the perfect livestream.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick video you want to play ahead of a live segment, lower thirds for your presenter, custom graphics on screen — whatever you need for your livestream, you can easily produce it in Socialive.

The platform is built so you can manage your content in Socialive’s browser-based live studio, manage your talent behind the scenes in a Virtual Green Room, and instantly repurpose the livestream into new content with ease.

Record, edit, publish, and livestream with Socialive

So how easy is it to create new content with Socialive?

Just record, edit, publish, livestream, and repeat.

Socialive is set up so that your content creation flows from one stage to the next — and you can go back to refine or repurpose as needed.

Cost-effective way to include talent

Socialive’s remote recording capabilities are a cost-effective way to create content. With self-recording tools easy enough for anyone to use but that also maintain picture quality in up to 4K, every live-to-tape recording is crystal-clear.

The same is true during a livestream — having guests “dial in” won’t kill your production.

We all know the look of a meeting platform. We’ve seen Zoom or ON24 used for remote capture in a broadcast. Socialive provides that same flexibility without sacrificing quality.

Fast, easy editing and clipping

Since everything is created and livestreamed from one platform, all recordings from before the show are available in a secure content library.

Whatever you have in the library is instantly available to edit. You can easily clip out the best segments and use them as is or use Socialive to quickly add branding. Those quick edits are immediately simplified.

These are then available to use whenever, and however you see fit. By editing in the same platform where you record, plus a touch of automation, creating each video becomes even more cost-effective.

Easily simulcast and instantly transfer recordings

Once your video clip from the livestream has been edited, you can easily send it to the masses. Or you can send that clip into your next livestream or video project. Or both.

While LinkedIn is an ideal endpoint for your livestream, you can use Socialive’s integrations to easily simulcast or publish. Your recordings are instantly sent to other social media sites and scale the size of your audience in a click. This is how you go from “create once, distribute forever” to sending everything you create everywhere all at once.

End-to-end livestreaming with cloud video production

For any company investing in livestreaming, it’s important that everything — from recording to livestreaming — is maintained on the same platform. Rather than bringing in four vendors for recording, editing, content storage, and livestreaming, Socialive’s secure platform does it all.

This speeds up the creation process, saving time and money while creating more content at scale. For creators at companies like Akamai, this removes many of the bottlenecks that previously stood in the way.

A complete revenue-driving content strategy

Socialive is the enterprise’s go-to platform for LinkedIn Live — and the one-stop-shop many video teams need to create content at scale.

Each livestream is sent to the recording library, where content can be edited into more videos, which can be used in video ads and livestreams, which are all sent to the recording library, where content can be edited into more videos …

It’s a virtuous cycle of content creation (cue the Lion King theme). Seriously, this is how one concept can fill your funnel with highly relevant, high-performing content. All without the need to outsource to a content farm, you can create content into perpetuity.

This is just a taste of how LinkedIn Live is a massive value-add for video marketing and demand generation. Check out our guide on driving ROI with LinkedIn Live to learn more about how this type of livestreaming can boost your bottom line.