LinkedIn Live is here.

For brands, that signals a novel opportunity to bring the engagement power of live video to bear on an untapped audience of more than 600 million enterprises and professionals.

We provided an overview of live video on LinkedIn in our LinkedIn Live Primer. In this article, we explore how to get started using LinkedIn Live.

In particular, we discuss why you need a third-party platform like Socialive to go live on LinkedIn – and how Socialive enables you to create pro-level broadcasts.

First things first: You can’t go live on LinkedIn natively.

This is an important point about broadcasting live video on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn provides only the platform to play and engage with live video – not the ability to record or deliver live video to the platform.

In other words, you won’t be able to create a livestream using or the LinkedIn mobile app. Instead, to go live on LinkedIn, you’ll need what’s called an encoder – a third-party video app.

(This is a key distinction between LinkedIn Live and livestreaming on social platforms like Facebook or Twitter.)

That’s why LinkedIn is partnering with Socialive, an enterprise live-video platform that enables organizations to create pro-level live broadcasts for digital channels.

Using Socialive, you can easily record and produce your video and seamlessly deliver it live to LinkedIn – part of the live-video workflow that LinkedIn doesn’t cover.

Why not?: Polished broadcasts over raw livestreams

Why doesn’t LinkedIn Live encompass recording and delivering live video to the LinkedIn platform?

A key reason involves the distinct, professional nature of the LinkedIn community versus more consumer-centric social platforms.

Given the ethos of LinkedIn, one of the aims of LinkedIn Live is to elevate raw livestreams to the level of more polished broadcasts – in terms of content quality and aesthetic.

Partnering with Socialive is a way for LinkedIn to encourage content that is easy to produce, while also meeting a higher mark as regards content and production value.

Live-video platform Socialive is a LinkedIn Live partner.

To reiterate, you need a third-party encoder to broadcast live video on LinkedIn.

Where LinkedIn provides the platform for viewers to watch and engage with a live broadcast, Socialive allows you to easily create the broadcast and deliver it live to the LinkedIn platform.

Socialive is an enterprise live-video platform that allows organizations to:

> Record video using any camera

> Build a broadcast using multiple live cameras and images

> Distribute a broadcast live across multiple channels – LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more – all at the same time

Crucially, you can create a polished broadcast using your existing resources (i.e., your current team and equipment).

Socialive lets you easily create polished broadcasts for LinkedIn Live.

Where a typical livestream entails a raw video stream from a single camera, the Socialive platform helps you create something closer to a professional broadcast.

Here’s what that means:


Instead of an uninterrupted camera stream, Socialive allows you to switch between multiple live cameras and images.

Practically, that means you can create broadcasts with:

> Intro & outro cards (e.g., with calls to action)

Live footage from different locations (e.g., a live broadcast from a bartending competition that shows hosts, guests, and participants in different places)


Graphics enhance the production value of a live video, while also unlocking opportunities to spur engagement through strategic, in-broadcast calls to action.

With the Socialive platform, you can apply custom graphics to your broadcast with a click, including:

>Title cards


>Lower-third nameplates

>Promo banners

>Logo watermarks


With split-screen layouts, you can show more than one source on-screen at a time, facilitating broadcasts with subjects in different locations or scenes created at different times.

In Socialive, you can click to select or switch between a menu of split-screen options, allowing you to create a range of dynamic broadcasts, such as:

> Interviews and conversations with remote guests

> Live product demonstrations

> Tutorials


Relatedly, the Socialive platform also allows you to easily share your screen, so you can walk through a slide presentation, showcase a concept, and more.


Plus, efficiently capture and seamlessly distribute video with Socialive

The Socialive platform spans the entirety of your live-video workflow – from capturing video through delivering broadcasts to the LinkedIn platform.


Socialive allows you to capture/record video using your current equipment, from a smartphone or webcam to a high-end multi-cam setup.

This gives you the flexibility to quickly stream HD video from the field or to record studio-style live broadcasts – and everything in between.

Video feeds from your cameras pop up in Socialive, and you can use them to build a live broadcast or to record footage to create your video later.


Socialive integrates with LinkedIn, so you can deliver your video to LinkedIn right from Socialive.

With live video, you produce and distribute your broadcast concurrently. Using Socialive, you build your broadcast – the order of your show – and set up distribution to LinkedIn.

When you go live, you produce your show live – switching from pre-organized scene to scene – and your broadcast plays on LinkedIn in real time.


Instead of broadcasting your video on a single channel, the Socialive platform lets you distribute your video across all your channels at the same time.

In addition to LinkedIn, you can deliver your video live or on demand to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon (learn more about Amazon Live here), as well as your websites and apps.

Simply select your channels in Socialive and start your broadcast to go live across multiple platforms and expand the reach of your video content.

In order to broadcast live video on LinkedIn – and avail yourself of the singular opportunity LinkedIn Live presents – you must use a third-party encoder.

While LinkedIn provides the platform where audiences can watch and engage with a live video, Socialive enables brands to capture video, produce a broadcast, and deliver it live to LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn-Socialive partnership is conceived to empower organizations to create the sort of polished live video that will resonate among LinkedIn’s community of enterprises and professionals – and to do so efficiently.