Position for product success

Socialive gives you professional-grade video capabilities to cost-effectively showcase your product, drive deeper product usage and highlight customer stories.

Show, don't just tell

Seeing is believing. Let users see how your products work with compelling product videos designed to engage and educate.

Drive product adoption and usage

Educate customers on how to better use your products. Empower internal experts to easily create new product release videos, video FAQs and product walkthroughs. 

Create product excitement through virtual events

Promote dialogue through live video, virtual events and webinars. Drive deeper brand affinity using Socialive’s simple yet powerful live streaming capabilities.

Spotlight customer stories

Invite customers into Socialive’s Virtual Green Room to easily produce case studies and testimonial videos. Edit snackable clips in seconds and share across channels. 

Bring your ideas to life – right away

With Socialive, you have everything you need to create more studio quality product videos for less in one easy-to-use platform. Stop wasting money on expensive tools and waiting for someone else to create videos for you.

See what Socialive can do for you

How Product Marketing teams use Socialive

The all-in-one enterprise video platform with endless possibilities

Corporate Brand Videos

When it comes to capturing hearts and minds, video trumps every other digital communication option for corporate brands.

How-To Videos

Did you know that learning and educational content drives over a billion views a day on YouTube?

Features Overview

Take your video production to new heights

The easiest way to create professional-grade video and live streams in the cloud — with the team you already have

Your virtual recording studio

Effortlessly record video remotely from any device, without sacrificing quality or control

Get more out of your video content

Easily source, produce and publish your video content from one shared central hub

“Socialive brought our global community closer together.”

Sophia Lewis, Senior director, Product Marketing, PCMA

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