The future of e-commerce will be dominated by video consumed on mobile devices. 

One study estimated that by the end of 2021, 73% of ecommerce sales will take place on a mobile device (Statista). And 86% of buyers now prefer interactive, visual content that can be accessed on demand (DemandGen). 

Driven by consumers with a voracious appetite for both video and instant results, brands must find more effective ways to deliver value to consumers. One of the most exciting trends to emerge from all these developments is interactive shoppable videos.

What are interactive shoppable videos?

Shoppable videos streamline the customer’s buying experience from seeing an ad to placing an order, removing virtually all the barriers to buying. These videos showcase products and include clickable links that let viewers learn about and purchase the products instantly — without leaving the video or even the social platform they’re on. 

There’s no need to scroll, visit another website, add to a wishlist or even try to remember the product name or brand. Advanced technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) let viewers see, touch or try the product. Right from the video, the viewer can click to buy, and then just as quickly get back to what they were doing. This trend has rapidly gained adoption, with 40% of marketers now using shoppable video (IAB).

The rise of online “shoppertainment”

Shoppable videos are giving rise to another trend: online “shoppertainment.” Big brands like IKEA and Disney have successfully used shoppertainment strategies for years, combining retail and product marketing with in-store experiences to entice customers into their physical retail spaces and motivate them to buy products. 

Now, with interactive shoppable videos, brands can create these types of engaging, immersive experiences online, integrating e-commerce with video-based education and entertainment. By combining product demos, how-to-videos, influencer videos, interactive Q&As and more, brands are upping the e-commerce ante.

How to elevate your e-commerce strategy with Socialive

With interactive shoppable videos, you attract consumers with entertaining content, let them learn about your product and empower them to buy when they feel ready.  At Socialive, we’ve democratized the production of studio-quality video, making it easy for everyone from video producers to marketing staff to produce branded, immersive experiences that inspire, inform and engage consumers, converting them into buyers and lifelong fans. Socialive’s all-in-one enterprise video content creation platform lets you: 

  • Capture HD video and audio content from anywhere — straight from your phone, tablet or desktop browser — with Socialive’s remote recording capabilities ensuring the highest quality content possible
  • Create dynamic and engaging product content with cloud-based video production, including preset workflows to mix and match live, pre-recorded and screen share video with dynamic layouts and branded graphics 
  • Reach the widest audience for your product by broadcasting simultaneously to multiple channels
  • Streamline content management with the ability to capture, store and access HD video in a secure, centralized cloud-based recordings library. No manual file transfer required
  • Host content live on your site to drive traffic and maximize your product marketing
  • Repurpose content in multiple ways to share in marketing, sales and training programs and more so you can extend the life and value of your content

Learn how we can help you up the ante with e-commerce interactive shoppable videos today.

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