Easy, streamlined video messaging

Allow your people to shine in internal or external-facing messages by making it easy for anyone to record in HD.

Content your audience wants

Reach your audience where they are in a format they love — video. Easily create fresh, multi-channel video content.

Feature more people

Record everyone, everywhere in up to 4K resolution to deliver professional video featuring your entire employee base.

Empower creators

Quickly and easily create recorded or live video content to remain nimble in video creation. Record, edit, publish, and livestream videos in moments using our cloud-based, drag-and-drop tools.

Showcase diverse voices

Feature people underrepresented in content with remote video creation. Socialive makes it easy to record, edit, and publish professional video from anywhere.

Cost-effective, quality video

Video meeting platforms weren’t made for professional quality and traditional solutions require tons of hardware and expertise. Socialive’s end-to-end platform makes it faster, easier, and cheaper to create high-quality video.

Scale up video creation with Socialive

How Communications teams use Socialive

The end-to-end video creation platform that simplifies recording, editing, and publishing enterprise-wide communications.

Virtual Fireside Chats

Fireside chats date back to the 1930’s when U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt needed a way to calm the American public. Executives now use the format to reassure employees, customers, and everyone who interacts with their company.

CEO Earnings Calls and Briefings

Provide quarterly earnings calls – one of the most strategic communications tools available for influencing investor relations (IR).

Company Town Hall

Did you know that disengaged employees cost U.S. companies a jaw-dropping $450 and $550 billion per year, according to the Engagement Institute?

Larry Sepe - Blue Shield of California

“I recommend Socialive for internal teams looking to communicate to large groups of employees either globally or for teams who are working remotely. Socialive really provides that method and way for teams to kind of come together.”

Larry Sepe, Senior Social Media Manager, Blue Shield of California

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