An intuitive browser-based production suite

Produce studio-quality live and on-demand videos while saving time and money

Faster, easier video creation

Our intuitive drag-and-drop studio empowers everyone to record and edit video content, regardless of video expertise.

Build the perfect livestream

Easily assemble studio-quality broadcasts and recordings with remote participants, dynamic layouts, custom graphics and pre-recorded videos.

Reduce complexity and costs

Socialive’s end-to-end platform means you can record, edit, and then livestream professional-quality video all in one place — no more costly hardware and complex software.

Cloud video production features

Features built specifically to easily produce professional-grade livestreams and live-to-tape broadcasts.

Browser-based studio

Studio-quality livestreams, no studio needed. Create a dynamic run of show featuring live guests, branded graphics, and video recordings in dynamic layouts — all from your browser.

Manage talent behind the scenes

Provide talent with an easy-to-join Virtual Green Room, where you manage guests behind the scenes.

Craft your run of show

Create within your brand standards by easily adding branded title cards, graphics, lower thirds, CTAs, and more.

Keep it on brand

Elevate your content with branded title cards, graphics, lower-thirds, CTAs and more.

Instant access to recordings

Socialive automatically records your livestream and uploads both the entire broadcast and recordings of each guest to your secure content library.

“Socialive allows me to quickly and easily create professional live events and videos. It puts a lot of power and flexibility in my hands — it’s almost like having a full video crew at my disposal.”

Kevin Manniko, Sr. Event Manager and Production Specialist, TechCrunch

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Take the stress out of livestream production.

Socialive in action

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How VMware saved $100,000 in one video project

VMware experienced a massive ROI in video creation with Socialive — saving around $1000 per video while creating more videos, faster.

How Akamai sensibly scaled video creation

With limited resources, Akamai got used to saying “no” to tons of video projects — with Socialive the team creates more video without a higher spend.

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