Frontline workers are the human faces of your brand — in the store, on calls, at events, and wherever you meet your customers. More than two billion strong globally, frontline workers build relationships with customers and seek ways to add value to the customer’s experience. It’s such a critical role that 90% of executives in one recent survey indicated that digitally connected frontline workers will be a significant competitive differentiator in their industry over the next two years (Harvard Business Review).

The payoff to empowering frontline workers through better field enablement is worth noting: 31% of organizations that have the highest degree of digital connectivity and empowerment — involving more than 75% of their frontline workers — saw more than 20% growth over a one-year period (Forbes Insight/Microsoft survey).

Despite the benefits, many organizations find the logistics and complexity of field enablement challenging. Field teams are dispersed and often remote or mobile, making it difficult and time consuming to consistently share information with them. Maintaining appropriate levels of security and compliance make communication and collaboration even harder. Driving adoption of new technologies and processes challenge field enablement teams as well. According to one survey, 46% of frontline workers feel pressure to adapt to new technology over fear of losing their jobs, but 55% report they’ve had to learn new tech on the fly, with no formal training or practice (Microsoft).

Video may be the trump card enablement teams need to ensure the field is educated, engaged, and laser-focused on adding value and consistently elevating the buyer’s experience. With video, you can enable your field staff with all the resources and training they need to build effective and lasting relationships with customers.

Train and empower the field

Sixty-seven percent of employees are better at completing tasks when communicated by video, according to one recent survey (TechSmith). Whether you’re covering soft skills like managing conflict or technical skills like deep-dive technical labs, video is a flexible and versatile medium with the reach and scale to cover all your field employees, from onboarding to ongoing training.

With video, you get maximum flexibility to address different learning styles, whether visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. Provide convenient on-demand access to content you recorded live. Create a centralized, searchable video knowledge base of all the content you create. Bring in multiple presenters to share different perspectives. Share screens, presentations, and other content that complements the topic, or ditch the presentation format and go completely interactive to get everyone involved.

Each one teach one with video

Your best teachers are already part of your organization — the experts in your field team. Capture their knowledge with personalized asynchronous video that lets them easily turn short teachable moments into videos to share tips, best practices, troubleshooting advice, and explain inside information that may be hard to learn in other ways. Field staff can securely record and send personal videos from a smartphone or other device — in the office, or on the go. Then you can make these videos available on demand as part of your training library.

Shine the spotlight on your field with employee videos

In today’s landscape, challenges with employee engagement and retention are no longer limited to retail, restaurants, and hospitality. Companies across industries are racing to find and retain great talent, and the highest-performing companies are turning to employee recognition to help them do it. In fact, 74% of employees in a survey expressed a desire for more recognition for their work (Achievers, via Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)). Spotlighting your field staff with video can show everyone that company leadership recognizes and values the contributions of your frontline workers in the field.

Keep in touch with the field through video town-halls

Virtual town halls can help you maintain strong engagement with frontline employees that work in the field. No matter how mobile or remote employees may be, coming together virtually to share company updates and connect with your company’s leadership ensures that everyone is informed, engaged, and ready to take action. Giving field team members opportunities to interact during the event also raises their profile in your organization.

Unlike the challenging logistics and costs of an in-person town hall, virtual town halls provide an effective, scalable solution for bringing employees together and celebrating their contributions. You also get the added benefit of content you can repurpose later.

Differentiate the employee experience with dynamic recruiting videos

With unemployment remaining at record lows and hiring more competitive than ever, you need to quickly engage field team candidates with dynamic experiences that differentiate your organization. Video is the versatile, effective recruiting tool you need to ensure the success of your recruitment program. Amaze candidates with all the best benefits of becoming an employee by inviting them to an immersive, one-to-many video presentation, live or on demand. Bring the employee experience to life by including other videos from your library, such as facility tours, employee experiences, interviews with leaders, and more. Then follow up with your most interested candidates by offering deeper-dive, one-on-one interviews that speed the candidate journey to completion.

Raise the the roof on your field teams and your business with video

Frontline workers in the field are the heart and soul of your business. With video, you can make sure they have all the training they need to be effective, all the communication they need to feel engaged and connected, and all the recognition they crave to feel valued for all their contributions.

At Socialive, we believe that everyone should be able to use video to easily communicate and collaborate with the field, as well as customers, partners, employees, investors, and more. Regardless of your team’s experience or skills, we can help you produce video experiences that truly inspire, inform, and engage.

With Socialive’s all-in-one enterprise video content creation platform, you can produce the high-quality, branded, immersive experiences that set you apart with the team you already have:

  • Easily capture and share HD video and audio content from anywhere — straight from your phone, tablet, or desktop browser. Socialive’s remote recording capabilities ensure the highest quality possible. No manual file transfer required, and the content doesn’t live on your device, so you don’t have to worry about using up storage or tracking down files.
  • Streamline content management with the ability to securely capture, store, and access HD video in a cloud-based recordings library. Through security audits, data encryption, and standards compliance, our platform meets or exceeds enterprise security requirements.
  • Your TV studio in the cloud. Create engaging virtual events with cloud-based video production, including preset workflows to mix and match live, pre-recorded, and screen share video. Dynamic layouts and branded graphics help you keep everything professional and consistently branded.
  • Manage behind the scenes during the event through a Virtual Green Room, sharing talking points and collaborating with presenters.
  • Quickly create snackable, shareable clips to repurpose video content across channels and programs.

Now you and your field enablement team can access the same powerful video content creation capabilities that our customers use to successfully power their field teams, including companies from the Fortune 1000 to high-growth startups across every industry.

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