See how Socialive’s AI-powered editor works

In this video we will show you how you can record your expertise, make rapid edits, and send it out — all from one platform.

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Preview of Socialive's video demo of the AI-powered editor

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Text-based video editing

The Editor creates a transcript, so you don't have to. Highlight, delete, and clip text to make your video.

Drag and drop content

Make adjustments to your video just like you would in a presentation. Drop in overlays, resize, and you're done!

Powerful timeline precision

It's easy to make quick changes, but you can still dive deep to make minute adjustments.

Customizable templates

Set up presets for your team to automate the busy work and quickly standardize branding and more.

Think the Editor is cool? Wait until you see the rest.

We know the Editor is amazing, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. Schedule a demo today so one of our video experts can show you all the other awesome things our platform can do.