Podcast popularity has skyrocketed and is expected to top 500 million active subscribers worldwide by 2024 (eMarketer). Popular podcasters have become big business, and major companies like Spotify pay top dollars for their content. Podcast listeners represent a demographically valuable audience for advertisers, with 54% of podcast listeners saying they are more likely to consider buying from the brands they hear advertised on podcasts (Edison Research).

Podcasts aren’t just for sports, comedy, and news, though. Businesses are creating their own podcasts, too. Businesses create podcasts to share information, news, updates, and perspectives with a wide range of audiences, from internally-focused employee communications to customer-facing or business-to-business marketing. According to Deloitte’s research, enterprise podcasting is already mainstream, with 17 of the 25 largest Fortune 500 companies (or 68%) hosting their own podcasts on their corporate websites.

For listeners, podcasts are convenient because they can be listened to anytime, anywhere — whether driving, at the gym, or in the office. Podcast listeners also love to discover new content and are far more likely to add podcasts than to remove them.

For corporate marketing teams, creating podcasts from video content offers a fast, easy way to scale content quickly, extend reach further, and maximize your ROI from existing video assets. With such a low barrier to entry, podcasts make excellent tools for targeting niche audiences and for experimenting. And, much like video, they are endlessly repurposable, so you can continue to remix and reuse audio content as you go. Your imagination may be the only limit. Here are a few ideas to get started.

Share thought leadership with enterprise podcasts

Podcasts offer a nearly perfect format for sharing your company’s thought leadership. Create a weekly or monthly series featuring an internal subject matter expert as host. Invite an industry influencer to participate as a guest in each episode. You can capture the event on video and broadcast it live in real time, then create your audio podcast from the video for on-demand listening. You’ll raise the profile of your host, your guests, and your company while reaching more audiences.

Showcase customers with enterprise podcasts

A customer showcase podcast lets you shine a light on customer successes in a fun, engaging way. Paired with a host either from inside your company or an industry expert from outside, your customers can share their insights and tips for success while generating wider interest in your products or services.

Niche your message with account-based podcasting

In the same way that account-based marketing targets your message to a specific audience, your podcast can deliver highly personalized information to coveted buyer personas. Leverage your field and sales teams to provide expert guidance on topics and guests of interest to your audience to help you fine-tune your content. After each episode, you can then create personalized experiences for your marketing and sales programs using clips from the podcasts you produce. Add them to emails based on the specific interests or needs of the customer or prospect you’re communicating with to connect more deeply.

Socialize your story with podcast clips

Creating snackable, shareable audio clips to post on social media lets your listeners experience your podcast directly from their feed. It’s an engaging way to draw in new listeners and create viral exposure for your brand.

Fast, flexible, scalable: Enterprise podcasts extend your marketing reach and effectiveness

Podcasts are a growth medium, and enterprise podcasts offer organizations a fast and flexible way to reuse and repurpose video content to engage buyers with highly relevant audio content.

At Socialive, we believe that everyone should be able to use audio and video to easily communicate with buyers. Regardless of your team’s experience or skills, we can help you produce experiences that truly inspire, inform, and engage.

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  • Create engaging virtual events with cloud-based production, including preset workflows to mix and match live, pre-recorded, and screen share video. Dynamic layouts and branded graphics help you keep everything professional and consistently branded.
  • Manage behind the scenes during live events through a Virtual Green Room, sharing talking points and collaborating with presenters.
  • Quickly create snackable, shareable clips to repurpose audio content across channels and programs.

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