With some in-person events and meetings still on hold, many companies are considering hybrid event programming, which offers attendees the option to attend an event in-person or participate online. 

Fun fact: Three out of five event organizers expect to hold at least one hybrid meeting in 2021, and 65% said that they are interested in holding more hybrid meetings as a result of the pandemic (Global Business Travel Association, via the Professional Convention Management Association). Prior to the pandemic, hybrid events were often not part of the programming at all.

Hybrid events come in all shapes and sizes, from high-end and large scale to informal and intimate. Whether it’s a trade show, conference, job fair or fireside chat, a hybrid event can offer the best of both worlds if done well. Let’s look at what makes hybrid events both useful and challenging — and how you can make them successful.

Why event organizers love hybrid events

Hybrid events offer more flexibility to accommodate attendees with different needs, whether it’s logistics and schedules or safety concerns about meeting in person. Because these are so flexible, they can allow you to reach a wider audience. Audiences can also connect with that wider group of attendees, extending their networking opportunities. Additionally, going hybrid creates opportunities to include new speakers and content that might not be available for an in-person event at the date and time needed.

Why hybrid events are so challenging

However, hybrid events pose new challenges, including harmonizing between the two very different experiences. Your online and in-person attendees are likely to be in very different time zones, sometimes across the world. You may have a ticketing strategy to offset the cost of the physical space for the in-person event, but online events are more typically free. If you have sponsors, you’ll need to consider how you can help increase their exposure and opportunities both at the in-person event as well as online. You’ll also need to consider how best to encourage interaction between the two groups of attendees.

How to make hybrid events successful using Socialive

With the right planning, hybrid events can be a powerful way to connect with your audiences in just the ways they want. The good news is that you don’t need extensive investments in studios, equipment and talent to produce successful hybrid events. With Socialive’s all-in-one enterprise video content creation platform, you can produce high-quality, branded, immersive experiences with the team you already have:

  • Create dynamic and engaging experiences that span in person and online with cloud-based video production, including preset workflows to mix and match live, pre-recorded and screen share video with dynamic layouts and branded graphics to keep everything professional and consistently branded
  • Capture HD video and audio content from anywhere — straight from your phone, tablet or desktop browser — with Socialive’s remote recording capabilities to ensure the highest quality possible
  • Streamline content management with the ability to securely capture, store and access HD video in a cloud-based recordings library, with no manual file transfer required
  • Manage behind the scenes during the event, share talking points and switch between presenters, no matter where they are located through a virtual Green Room
  • Repurpose content from event sessions into snackable clips to share across channels and programs, both during and after the event

At Socialive, we believe that everyone, regardless of video experience or skills, should be able to use video to easily communicate and collaborate with prospects, customers, partners, employees, investors and more. Discover how we can help you produce hybrid events that truly inspire, inform and engage your in-person and virtual audiences.

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