Frontline workers in the field, estimated to be more than 2 billion people globally, are the human faces of your brand to prospects and customers — in stores, on calls, at events, and wherever is convenient. Corporate field marketing organizations (FMOs) empower frontline workers with the tools they need to directly connect with and engage buyers. Whether it’s supporting sales, hosting a demo, providing quick bits of knowledge, or facilitating a webinar, field marketing is all about building relationships with people. In an increasingly digital world, video offers field marketers a convenient, flexible, and secure way to scale how they create authentic connections and experiences.

Buyers love video, too. Because it’s processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text, it’s highly engaging. Buyers also love the ease and convenience of videos. In fact, 91% of buyers prefer interactive video content (DemandGenReport), and 70% of B2B buyers consume video during their buying journey (Google).

With video, field marketers can increase awareness and engagement with buyers, delivering the immersive experiences they crave.

Socialive guide to repurposing LinkedIn Live livestream content

Be in the room with buyers — from anywhere

When you can’t be there to communicate live or in person, personalized asynchronous videos make it easy for anyone in the field to put a human face on messages. You can securely record, edit, and instantly send these personal videos from a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or any other device — from anywhere your field team may be, whether in the office or on the go. They’re a perfect way to convey the context and emotional connection that is sometimes lacking in emails, texts, and chats.

Take your events to your customers

Remote and hybrid work models are more prevalent than ever, and video makes it easy to engage with prospects and customers wherever they may be. You can bring the experience of an in-person event straight to your target audience with dynamic livestreams of your virtual events. Then, to give your audience even more flexibility, make the recordings of the virtual event available on demand later, so you can get more from your investment.

Transform webinars into unforgettable experiences

At the heart of every successful event is a deeply-engaged audience. Instead of settling for a simple, one-way presentation, transform your webinar into a fully interactive, immersive experience that your audience will not want to miss. Give your audience a voice to interact in real-time, mix in recorded segments that will thrill viewers, and make your webinar an experience customers and prospects won’t forget — regardless if they’re watching live or after the fact.

Bring your customers into the fold — amplify their voice

Your customers are your biggest fans. They have insights you can’t get anywhere else. Bringing them together to share their confidential feedback informs your business strategy and makes them feel special. Invite them to a quick, virtual recording session where they can speak face-to-face, in a group session, or by themselves on their own time.

While taking your event virtual is easier than ever, virtual customer panels and roundtables have proven just as effective as in-person, without the costs and logistical challenges common with live events.

Take your customers behind the scenes

When it’s not possible to bring customers into a briefing center or areas of your business that might not be open to visitors, such as a tour of a lab or production facility, or a glimpse of an employee's typical day, bring the experience to life with video instead. A behind-the-scenes look or an insider’s point of view, recorded or even livestreamed, can make customers feel special and help you create lifelong fans.

Make your products tangible for customers

Seeing is believing! Showcase your product with video to bring it to life, highlighting key features, explaining how-tos, and sharing insider perspectives that inform and inspire. Show, don’t tell, why your product provides immense value and should excite customers — extending their lifetime value.

Scale your reach with video marketing from the field

You cover a lot of ground in field marketing. With video, field marketers can easily scale reach, elevate the experience for prospects and customers, and maximize business impact.

At Socialive, we believe that everyone should be able to use video to easily communicate and collaborate with prospects, customers, partners, employees, investors, and more. Regardless of your team’s experience or skills, we can help you create recorded and livestreamed video experiences that truly inspire, inform, and engage.

With Socialive’s end-to-end enterprise video creation platform, you can realize the future of field marketing today by recording, editing, publishing and livestreaming high-quality, branded, immersive experiences with the team you already have:

  • Make it easy to record, publish, and livestream HD video content from anywhere — straight from your phone, tablet, or desktop browser — with Socialive’s remote recording capabilities to ensure the highest quality possible
  • Streamline content management with our secure cloud-based recordings library — no manual file transfer required — and your content is automatically transferred from the recording device, so you don’t have to worry about tracking down content, file storage, or sensitive content living on someone’s device
  • Your virtual broadcast studio enables you to create dynamic and engaging livestreams and virtual events with cloud video production tools, including preset templates to mix and match live, recorded, and screenshare video with dynamic layouts and graphics to keep everything professional and consistently branded
  • Manage talent behind the scenes, sharing talking points and collaborating with presenters through a Virtual Green Room
  • Quickly create snackable video clips — sharing snippets or edited video content across channels and programs

Companies throughout the Fortune 1000 across every industry power the field to create video marketing assets with Socialive. Now you and your field marketing team can, too.

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