The past few years have shown that remote and hybrid work environments aren’t going anywhere. Virtual events are crucial to keeping employees and customers connected and engaged in these operating models. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the global virtual events market size is estimated to reach USD 657.64 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 21.4%.

And even though in-person events are on the rise again, not everyone feels comfortable returning to crowded indoor environments. Others have found they prefer the convenience and cost effectiveness of attending virtual events. Likewise, many organizations recognize that virtual events have the potential to reach far wider audiences than in-person events.

Hybrid events are growing in popularity to factor in these considerations. Combining a “live” in-person experience with a virtual component enables attendees to pick their preferred format while allowing businesses to maximize their reach.

But executing an engaging, professional-looking virtual event is easier said than done. To streamline video production for virtual events and deliver the value attendees expect, leading organizations are turning to cloud solutions.


Combining pre-recorded and live content

Webinars, virtual trade shows, earnings calls, online conferences, digital job fairs, fireside chats — all of these virtual events are ideal for companies to connect and engage with audiences of all kinds. But challenges like building a compelling run of show, technical issues, and on-air speaker mistakes create added pressure for the teams behind these events.

To reduce day-of stress, consider pre-recording some of your event content. With Socialive’s cloud video production platform, teams can remotely record and produce content ahead of the live event. These recordings can then be seamlessly added to scenes throughout your event program.

Of course, you’ll still want to include some live content to provide the full event experience. Socialive’s platform can help reduce stress here, too. The digital version of a live TV studio, our Virtual Green Room is the perfect environment to conduct dry runs and technical checks before showtime — all behind the scenes.

Let’s say your company is hosting its annual industry conference. You could record all of your keynote speeches ahead of time, then broadcast them live during the appropriate time slots. Each session could end with a 15 minute live session, like a Q&A with the audience, a customer story, or remarks from an expert on the topic.

This approach not only streamlines video production for virtual events, it also provides a more balanced experience for both virtual and in-person attendees. You can also use snippets from your pre-recorded content to create promotional content leading up to the event and generate hype.


Enhancing video production for virtual events

Still broadcasting a slide deck over a virtual conferencing platform? We have some bad news for you: Your audience is bored. The virtual events landscape is crowded, and you’ll need to add more production value to your content to stand out.

The good news? Socialive’s intuitive cloud platform makes it easy to add dynamic effects straight from your browser with a few clicks and drags. Custom graphics such as logos and automatic name tags are a simple way to uplevel production. Add audio and video overlays to take your content from static to dynamic. Effortlessly transition between different layouts with our drag-and-drop scene builder.

See it in action: beedance, a global creative agency, leverages Socialive to shift seamlessly between virtual, hybrid, and in-person events depending on their clients’ needs.

Best practices for virtual events

As event planners know, there’s a lot more to consider than just your event content. The tips below will help you flesh out your strategy before, during, and after the event.

1. Expand audiences

Virtual events aren’t just a marketing tactic. You can leverage studio-quality virtual experiences to engage your employees, stakeholders, customers, and job candidates. These audiences are just as vital to connect with as the prospects in your pipeline. Look at your strategic business goals for the next year and consider whether there are any opportunities to use virtual events for even greater impact.

2. Think human

If you think a virtual event is a one-hour webinar that pushes content in one direction, you may be missing the point. Remember that virtual events are about people. It’s easy to become distracted by the technological bells-and-whistles, or get sidetracked by technical glitches. Even though the event is virtual, there are real humans on the other side of your screen, and they want to connect with you. Look for ways to include them, such as live quizzes, Q&As, polls and other interactions. Coach your presenters to develop an online presence that is personal and inviting.

3. Maximize content

To get the most from your virtual events, look for strategic ways to repurpose your content. Create snackable clips to share in social posts, newsletters, blogs, and campaigns. Download the MP3 file and turn it into a podcast. Reuse footage in future events by building a run of show featuring pre-recorded video to simulate the live video experience. The more you can do with what you produce, the greater your ROI.


Scale your virtual events

Amplifying events by going fully virtual or providing a virtual component can increase your reach, elevate the experience for attendees, and boost impact for your business. And you don’t need extensive investments in studios, equipment, and talent to turn your virtual events into immersive experiences.

Socialive is the fastest and most cost-effective way to deliver studio-quality video at scale. From beginners to full-fledged video experts, our platform enables anyone in your organization to easily produce high-quality, branded, engaging virtual events using a web browser, mobile device or professional camera.

Take a quick, self-guided tour of our platform to see how Socialive can transform your virtual events.

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