Virtual events and meetings just got a lot more popular, which means figuring out how to look your best on video.

Our own video producer Chris Brennan shares three quick tips on how to look professional on camera from home (without fancy equipment!).

1. Pick the right background

It may be tempting to showcase your book collection or framed art prints, but it can take away focus from the star of the show: you!

To minimize distractions, we recommend a plain, white background. Once you have decided on the location, make sure you are centered in the frame and check to see if your camera lens is clean. Dust and fingerprint smudges on lenses can result in blurry video.

Pro-tip: Avoid low angles by keeping the camera eye-level or higher.

2. Light up your face

Lighting is crucial to making sure you look great on video. Use soft light and make sure the light source is next to or slightly behind your laptop. Avoid light pointing directly at your face.

Pro-tip: place a sheet of white paper on the desk between you and the laptop to help bounce light off.

3. Treat it as if you’re in a face-to-face meeting

Makeup, hair, shower — you know the drill! While the video meeting or event may be done from home, prepare for it like it’s in person.

While shooting video in front of a plain, white background, we recommend wearing solid colors and to dress professionally.

Don’t forget to make eye contact. It may be tempting to look at yourself on the screen, but look at the camera itself.

Lastly, do a test run to see how you appear on camera.