by Farraz Khan | 30 May 2019

Since the launch of LinkedIn Live, early-adopting organizations have leveraged the channel to achieve record-level viewership and engagement.

While live video on social media platforms is not new, LinkedIn Live does represent a first – allowing users to reach and engage a predominantly B2B and professional audience via live video, the most effective format on social.

As a LinkedIn Live partner, Socialive enables enterprise companies to create pro broadcasts for LinkedIn – and has facilitated some of the most impressive early results.

Here is how five Socialive customers have used LinkedIn Live to create great impact – all without ad spend:

1. Pfizer

For its first LinkedIn Live, Pfizer broadcast an interview with its Chief Patient Officer as part of Women’s Health Month.

Hosted by an in-house content team member, the broadcast used a pro camera setup and on-screen graphics. The executive also answered viewer questions during the broadcast.

Ultimately, through an 8-minute broadcast, Pfizer saw:

> 4.5x more engagement than their average LinkedIn post

> More comments (1,041) than in 60+ posts over the prior 6 months combined.

> 170K+ total organic views

2. Audible

To mark the opening of its new Innovation Cathedral in Newark, Audible streamed its ribbon-cutting ceremony on LinkedIn Live.

The broadcast included a countdown title roll, multiple live camera scenes, branded graphics, as well as pre-recorded video clips.

>6x more comments than its average Facebook video post

 >2.5x more total interactions than on Facebook

>More than 7x as much engagement than its typical LinkedIn post

 3. J.P. Morgan

A leading marketing innovator in finance, J.P. Morgan has use Facebook Live to live-stream pre-recorded video content on trends and insights.

For its first LinkedIn Live, the firm summarized key take-aways from its annual Global China Summit.

In the broadcast, it used a recorded title sequence, pro multicam and audio setup, custom graphics, and on-screen calls to action.

Using Socialive, J.P. Morgan simulcast the same video on LinkedIn and Facebook:

> 400x greater organic reach (175K+ views) for the same video on LinkedIn

> 180x more engagement on LinkedIn versus Facebook

> 1.1K+ comments

4. Adobe Experience Cloud

To showcase its annual Imagine e-commerce conference, Adobe Experience Cloud conducted a series of LinkedIn Live broadcasts with in-house team members, guests, and influencers.

Adobe used a mix of pro camera, studio broadcasts for formal interviews as well as mobile broadcasts via smartphone and the SocialiveGO mobile app for in-the-moment conversations.

Each video notched more than 15x the total engagement of its average LinkedIn post.

5. Fortinet

Cybersecurity software company Fortinet received access to LinkedIn Live, onboarded with Socialive, and broadcast its first videos on LinkedIn – all within 4 days.

Over 9 broadcasts, Fortinet chronicled the goings-on at its annual Accelerate conference, employing branded teaser cards, custom lower thirds graphics, and end cards.

In addition to attracting global viewership, the LinkedIn Live broadcasts achieved 6x more engagement than its average LinkedIn post.

Early outcomes on LinkedIn Live underscore the unique engagement power of live video.

By bringing live video to bear on a novel audience of businesses and professionals, LinkedIn Live represents an altogether new way for organizations to generate brand awareness, build community, and engage an audience in real time.