Meet Mattie Carter, one of our Sales Development Representatives who is in charge of generating outbound sales leads for the company. We sat down with Mattie to learn more about her role at Socialive, as well as her experience here. Here’s what she had to say:

What is your favorite aspect of your role?
I love getting to play “detective” — tracking down who to contact, researching companies, etc. I also love the relationship-building aspect that being in any sales role provides.

How has working at Socialive allowed you to mentor or be mentored by others?

You have to be a lot more intentional about things in a remote environment, but I think it can actually foster more mentoring than in-person settings. You don’t have the distractions you would in a traditional office setting and can set up dedicated time to connect. Also, no one else has to know about it. That used to be a big fear of mine in an office setting. It’s very intimidating to knock on someone’s door to chat — and then worry everyone else in their cubicles can hear through the walls what you’re saying. Or worse, you set up a time to get coffee with someone, and someone else sees you’re going and decides to tag along. Awkward! Socialive also makes it super natural from the start by having you set-up virtual coffees as part of your onboarding process. Putting time on someone’s calendar to chat is so common here and really allows for more organic mentoring to occur.

What has your coolest experience been so far at Socialive?
Really enjoyed the onsites!

What’s the best advice you’ve received in your career?
Take credit for your accomplishments! When I first started working, I did something really exciting pretty early on. Shortly after, I had a check-in with the head of the team I worked on (my boss’ boss), and I kind of brushed off the accomplishment as luck when she tried to praise me for it. She immediately interrupted me and said how important it was to take credit for things and recognize the work you put into your success. Nothing is pure luck. The conversation stuck with me and I think back to it frequently. I can still hear her saying, “No, you did that!” and how important it is to take credit for your work. What I’ve now started to realize is that if you don’t own your accomplishments, someone else will. It has completely changed how I approach things.

How have you been able to build the relationships you have while being fully remote?

Socialive has been great about making 1:1 “virtual coffee” calls a part of your onboarding. There’s also a great women’s networking group where I’ve gotten to know so many others on the team with whom I would otherwise not get to interact. Even the Slack channels are a great way to get to know others. People actually engage with the auto-generated Slackbot questions, which is really fun!

How does Socialive support you to have healthy remote work habits?
No one is sitting around watching your light. They put trust in you to get the job done and put in the time needed to do so. It also helps that everyone is spread out across different time zones. You don’t feel that guilt you’d typically feel if someone is still online and you’re not.

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