Key takeaways:
Video creators of all abilities benefit from AI
AI can allow creators to do more without diminishing returns
AI “centaurs” (humans assisted by machines) is the way of the future

Artificial intelligence. The latest tech du jour or the innovation that we’ve been waiting for?

AI is here to stay — and that’s a good thing for content creators!

It’s the answer to many inefficiencies and issues we run into each day. AI makes video faster, easier, and cheaper to create.

Rather than thinking of it as a new way to create content, think of AI as a catalyst that enhances what video creation platforms like Socialive already do well — recording, editing, publishing, and livestreaming.

This post, the first in our series on how AI enhances video creation, will go through the benefits of AI in video creation, lightly touch on how it all works, and, most importantly, debunk myths about AI video creation.

AI empowers people without deep video expertise and the grizzled video veteran alike, tearing down what were previously high barriers to creating professional-quality video.

The way we harness AI in video creation will largely change the way we work and the amount of content we are able to create. But the key appeal of video remains the same: highlighting the voices of real people.

AI video tools vs. synthetic media

First off, let’s make it clear that by AI in video, we’re referring to AI tools and features that make it easier for people to create video. We’re not talking about synthetic media, which refers to computer-generated images, text, and speech.

Whether it’s ChatGPT, Midjourney, or an avatar-based video generator, synthetic media is usually what people are referring to when voicing fears of “the robots taking over.” That’s not what we’re talking about here.

Those types of generative AI have some nifty uses, such as cleaning up a script or helping with reshoots. But they could never fully replace real people and years of actual experience.

AI tools vs. synthetic media: Inspector Gadget vs. Terminator

All of the ‘80s and ‘90s kids out there should remember the depictions of the “future” machines. There’s the dystopian, machine-attacks-humans future. Skynet, the Terminator, the machines take over the world.

But that’s not the reality of what AI presents in video creation. AI is much more like cybernetics used by people to do incredible things previously thought to be unachievable.

Enter Inspector Gadget.

The titular character of the popular show was equipped with an array of devices and tools designed to make him that much better at his job. Better, stronger, faster.

Of course, one of the main themes of the show was that while all the gadgets in the world made Inspector Gadget unique, his intuition and uniquely human qualities (plus, of course, Penny and Brain) drove his success. The tools just helped him get from Point A to Point B quicker.

For those who are deep down the rabbit hole of AI, you may know this concept as “centaurs.” It’s the idea that AI is only used to augment people, not replace them. The “Go Go Gadgets” are only meant to help us.

That’s what AI video creation tools are here to do — supercharge our creativity. We can build better video creation tools. We have the technology.

What AI video creation really means

Arthur C. Clarke was right when he said that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” — that’s why so many new AI video creation tools refer to themselves as “AI magic.”

Don’t worry, we’re not magicians. We’ll present specific examples of AI and its uses in content creation throughout this series to cut through the mystery without any sleight of hand.

AI video tools allow users to record and select the best take, add graphics, add music, add in other video clips, delete moments, and transfer the finished video — basically, anything that someone can do with a traditional video tool, just easier.

Think of the difference between manually altering raw footage in a program like Adobe Premiere vs. using a platform like Canva to apply pre-set templates.

AI creates an easy, user-friendly experience that anyone can pick up quickly, combined with the power and customization of traditional video creation platforms. That’s the true idea behind AI-powered video creation.

Fast, easy, powerful video creation. For all.

Saving time and money with faster, easier video creation

By making it faster and easier to create video content, businesses will save both time and money. The value prop of AI in video creation is pretty much the same as every great piece of technology — it’s all about efficiency.

VMware saved $100,000 across a 150-video project by saving time in file transfers. This was a project that required tons of guest recordings, which included the occasional mistake, and short videos that were combined into longer videos. Consistent branding (and coloring) was needed across all the videos. Socialive made it faster and easier for the team to get all of this done.

AI would have driven even higher cost savings by multiplying the amount of time the VMware team saved. By layering AI over already existing video creation platforms, businesses will see their ROI rise exponentially.

Much like in the way Socialive has saved businesses time and money in the overall creation process, AI makes it that much more efficient and cost-effective.

Easier, better, faster, stronger video creation with AI

Bill Gates is credited with saying, “The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.” When it comes to AI in video creation, that’s the ultimate goal — to integrate these powerful tools into every creator’s workflow in a way that becomes normal and boring in the near future.

Yes, AI makes video creation easier, better, faster, stronger. But that’s only if the tools are built in a way that makes sense for everyone. Not just professionals with a degree from Full Sail.

The heart of what we do at Socialive is empowering people of all ability levels to create professional video. That’s because while a chemist or financial advisor might have decades of experience in their field, they don’t have the same level of expertise in video creation.

By making it easy for people without a wealth of knowledge in video to contribute or create, the video creation process becomes more cost-effective for companies with a huge appetite for video content.

We use AI to make the job easier for people to focus on delivering the take and crafting killer content.

If you’re ready to dive deeper into AI in video creation, check out part two of our series. It’s all about AI in video editing.

At Socialive, we’re more than happy to help guide creators of all levels of experience through the shifting landscape. Book time with one of our cloud video experts to discuss AI in video creation, and how we’re making the video creation process better than ever.