Streamline your ability to create, distribute, and repurpose video and audio files with Socialive’s new one-click audio capture automation

Humans inherently want flexibility when it comes to how they absorb information. At times, we may prefer to consume content by watching a video. Other times, we may gravitate toward audio content through podcasts or social media. In today’s hybrid world, businesses now more than ever must find new ways to engage their unique audiences where they are, with the type of content they like to consume, in the way they like to consume it.

To support our customers in this endeavor, today we announced new one-click audio capture automation capabilities for the Socialive platform. Customers can now easily extract and repurpose audio files from existing and future video content for use on social media, podcasts, or other audio-based mediums.

Our Dual Recording Technology™ enables high-quality audio and video capture, even under poor network conditions. Think of it like a professional TV and recording studio — in the cloud. In the past, creating high-quality audio and video content meant using multiple tools that were not only costly, but required a highly specialized skill set and immense planning. With one-click audio capture automation, enterprises can access all of the tools they need to create, broadcast, and distribute audio and video content from a single, unified platform.

Maximizing your content

Ninety percent of content marketers believe that repurposing content is more effective than creating new content from scratch. To make the most of content that has already been created, businesses can use one-click audio capture automation retroactively on any previously generated video content to create recaps and clippings. Audio can also be overlayed on future videos, allowing for streamlined voiceovers for newly created content.

According to Michael Travers, Senior Director of Marketing and Sales at Saphyre and a Socialive customer, a lot of effort, time, and energy goes into creating content, so being able to use it in as many ways as possible is extremely important to business.

With the growing need for various types of video and audio programming across the enterprise, we’re excited to further extend the types of content, formats, and distribution options available to our customers. To learn more, schedule a demo.