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How Amway accelerates virtual learning with Socialive

As the world's largest direct selling company, Amway empowers millions of Independent Business Owners (IBOs). Designed to support Amway’s exclusive community of health and beauty business owners, Amway™ Education provides best-in-class content, resources, and solutions for aspiring and current business owners.

Leveraging Socialive, Amway’s marketing team unlocked the power of engaging learning experiences and successfully accelerated training efforts across North America. We chatted with Emily Mott, senior project manager at Amway, who is responsible for developing educational programs on how to use social media for business and connect with customers.

Check out the full interview transcript below to learn more about how Amway uses Socialive to build and educate its community.

Socialive: Hi Emily! Thanks for taking time to chat with us. Tell us about your role at Amway.

Emily Mott: I support Amway's North America Training and Education, Marketing, and Sales teams. Our team develops education programs and solutions to support our IBOs in North America. We teach them about topics such as new product launches, using social media in their business, and how to connect with customers.

SL: What challenges did your team face when creating videos before using Socialive?
EM: A few years ago we created a closed Facebook Group for our IBOs in North America. Before the pandemic, we were able to film our Facebook Live events in person with a small production team. When the pandemic, hit we needed to find a solution that would allow us to continue hosting our Facebook Live events in an engaging way that we could film virtually.

We have several trainers, presenters, and IBOs across the country who we needed to bring on screen at the same time during our live events. We tried another solution before Socialive, but when we went live, the feed kept going in and out.

"We needed a reliable solution that would allow us to create an attractive and professional broadcast remotely. Socialive has helped us do just that."

SL: What were you looking for in a video solution?
EM: We were looking for a solution to help us create attractive and professional Facebook Live events. We needed to be able to bring multiple people on screen at the same time. Now, we use Socialive as part of our overall training video strategy to pre-record events and short clips.

social media fb live

SL: How does Socialive help your team achieve its goals?
EM: Socialive helps us create professional looking broadcasts — in multiple languages. It's helped us elevate the Facebook Live experience for our audience and added energy and interest to our broadcasts.

build your brand fb live 2

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SL: How are you using Socialive? What types of content are you creating?
EM: We use Socialive to create Facebook Live events, recorded videos, and training content in English, Spanish, and French.

"We love the feature that allows us to clip content into 'mini education moments.' These snackable clips enable us to extend our content from one broadcast into several shorter videos."

Types of content we have created include Facebook Live videos for new product launches. For instance, when we launched our new Artistry Skin Nutrition line, we were able to record events featuring presenters from across different areas of the country. We shipped them products, which they showcased while talking about their unique features and benefits. In addition, we add slides to our broadcasts to enhance what the presenters are talking about. We love showcasing a mix of talking heads, informative slides, and a combination of slides overlaid with our presenters talking. Sometimes we add pre-recorded videos into our live broadcasts as well.

We love Socialive's different features that enable us to show a variety of scenes on our broadcasts to keep the audience engaged. Some of our best performing events using Socialive have been when we invited IBO leaders to join our broadcasts and have a panel Q&A with them.

holiday fb live

SL: What key results have you achieved with Socialive?
EM: We have seen higher engagement during our Facebook Live broadcasts and an increased number of members join our closed Facebook group. We've received positive feedback from our audience and top IBO leaders. After we started using Socialive, we started seeing more leaders promote our Facebook Live events to their teams, and therefore saw higher engagement rates.

SL: What differentiates Socialive from other solutions?
EM: A big differentiator with Socialive compared to other solutions is the high level of customer support they provide.

"The Socialive team is an awesome group of people to work with. They've provided us with amazing training and support during our rehearsals and broadcasts to make sure we were confident using the platform and broadcasting live."

We've asked the team for support on things like best practices for shooting and framing, troubleshooting when our guests use different camera equipment, and overall tips on using the platform. They are always willing and quick to respond and help us.

SL: What are your favorite Socialive features?
EM: We love the ability to create scenes in advance of the broadcast. It is a simple way to lay out your entire broadcast or presentation in advance of the live or recorded broadcast. The team also loves the ability to add video backgrounds and music to bring the level of energy you would see on a real TV show.

SL: What are your future video plans?
EM: We plan to create more training and educational videos using Socialive. We have trainers in multiple locations across the United States to help record these trainings. We also plan to create more "mini education moments" in addition to our longer Facebook Live broadcasts.

SL: Anything else to add?
EM: Overall our team loves using Socialive and the partnership we have with the team. Socialive allows our team and presenters (IBO leaders included) to log into the system remotely and present content in an attractive and professional manner. Since implementing Socialive, our education team has received multiple emails from IBO leaders on how well the events were coordinated and how much more engaging they were presented. We look forward to continuing to use Socialive for our future live events and recordings.

This interview was edited for brevity and clarity.

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