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How Gainsight scaled video content creation during the pandemic


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Founded in 2009, Gainsight is a customer service and product experience platform empowering businesses to increase revenue, decrease customer churn, and drive advocacy. The software company’s Marketing team uses Socialive to produce video content that showcases thought leadership from C-level executives and customer expertise.


As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Gainsight had to pivot their content marketing strategy and cancel in-person events. Leveraging Socialive, the Marketing team accelerated video content creation to virtually connect with customers and prospects.

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“Socialive has made us more confident with video. I feel like I’m a TV producer.”

Zoë Lefeuvre | Sr. Dir., Solutions & Content Marketing


How To Produce High-Quality Video Efficiently

For many organizations like Gainsight, producing high-quality video content has remained out of reach. Gainsight’s Marketing team sought out a true enterprise video solution to create compelling content that resonates with their audience. In the process, Gainsight encountered several problems:

  • Complex user experience
  • Technical expertise requirements
  • High time to value
  • Lack of mobile video capabilities
  • Lack of customer support

With the pandemic and the transition to remote work, the need to quickly implement a video solution to maintain business continuity became a high priority for Gainsight’s Marketing team.



Using Socialive To Create Episodic Video Content

Gainsight adopted Socialive as a solution to produce live and video on demand content for its social media channels, particularly the company’s LinkedIn (41.8K followers) and CEO Nick Mehta’s LinkedIn (27.9K followers). In five months of using Socialive, the team launched two episodic live video series reflecting the company’s values:

  • “HumanFirst CEO” is a weekly series hosted by Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta. The show features well-known CEOs from companies like BoxHubspot, and Docusign to discuss lessons in leadership.
  • “Gamechanger VIP Live” is a monthly series showcasing Gainsight customers and their unique stories.

Socialive features such as remote video capture, real-time video creation, and branded graphics enabled Gainsight’s Marketing team to efficiently capture, produce, and broadcast video from start to finish.

Hosted by Gainsight’s CEO Nick Mehta, each 30 minute episode of “HumanFirst CEO” spotlights a CEO. In this episode, Cisco’s Chief Experience Officer Maria Martinez discusses all things customer success.

Shortly after the success of their first thought leadership video series “HumanFirst CEO,” Gainsight launched another series called “Gamechanger VIP Live” focused on customer stories. In launching these two LinkedIn Live shows, Gainsight increased its video output while covering timely topics such as leadership during unprecedented times and how executives are supporting communities.

In September, Gainsight launched a new series called “Gamechanger VIP Live.” In its first episode, Dell Boomi’s Chief Customer Success Officer shares how the company “changed the game” of the customer success industry.

"People want to look at a product that is beautiful, intuitive, simple, and customizable to their needs. That’s one of the things that attracted me to Socialive."

Zoë Lefeuvre | Sr. Dir., Solutions & Content Marketing


Gainsight Accelerates Video Creation In The Coronavirus Era

By partnering with Socialive, Gainsight sped up video content creation to showcase valuable thought leadership and customer stories. Socialive equipped their Marketing team to engage more frequently and effectively with its LinkedIn audience, generating:


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From its thought leadership featuring top CEOs, to the way it showcases customer stories, Gainsight’s use of Socialive demonstrates how a brand can create compelling video content that resonates with customers and prospects.

"If we run into an issue or forget how to do something before a broadcast, Socialive’s Customer Success team helps us in real time.”

Zoë Lefeuvre | Sr. Dir., Solutions & Content Marketing

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