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How a production house uses Socialive to remotely capture studio-quality video content

Hamlin is a multi-media production house that captures video both in person and remotely. The company leverages Socialive to help produce dynamic video content for brands and experiential marketing agencies.


As a company with 20+ years of experience in production, Hamlin is no stranger to the shifting landscape of video. So when business became increasingly virtual over the past several years, Hamlin set out to rise to the challenge with a remote video production solution.


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Remote recording

“Video is no longer a nice-to-have — it’s critical to any business plan today. With video, the human voice can come alive in a way that’s much more authentic than say a PowerPoint, email, or white paper.”


Brendon Hamlin, Chief Creative Officer, Hamlin


Producing quality broadcasts with dispersed talent

Hamlin has extensive experience capturing video in studios and out in the field with professional crews and camera equipment. At the onset of the pandemic, however, the production house had to find ways to capture that content remotely while still delivering the high level of quality its clients have come to expect.

After producing a few virtual events, Hamlin quickly discovered video conferencing tools like Zoom didn’t scale well or provide studio-quality feeds. Hamlin needed a solution to:

  • Produce video content remotely while maintaining quality
  • Eliminate home internet quality issues with a cloud-based solution
  • Deliver both composite and isolated guest feeds (ISOs) for post-production
  • Record unlimited broadcasts in the cloud
  • Capture multiple people simultaneously in a more convenient way
alex reynolds

“There are lots of companies who turn out OK video content. But we needed a solution that delivers top-notch quality to help our clients increase their revenue, drive up awareness, and engage more customers through video.”


Alex Reynolds, Technical Director, Hamlin


Capturing and distributing video content in the cloud

Historically, video was used for broadcast or cable. With the dawn of the internet, YouTube, and other platforms where brands can host their own curated messaging, however, video has become much more ubiquitous. But production hasn’t advanced nearly as swiftly. Sure, we’ve made leaps and bounds with the quality of video production equipment and editing software. Yet creating videos this way still requires deep technical expertise, as well as an in-person studio.


Hamlin lent this exact type of video expertise to its clients for decades. While the need for advanced onsite video production isn’t going anywhere any time soon, the rise of more distributed workforces has resulted in other needs as well. Now, organizations need the ability to remotely produce, broadcast, and distribute video content featuring speakers spread all over the world.


Hamlin turned to Socialive to support its remote productions. Socialive’s cloud-based technology makes video production more accessible by enabling anyone to host or join a broadcast from anywhere in the world using their web browser or mobile device. Most importantly, Socialive captures pristine high-definition (HD) video of individual guests, regardless of network conditions, ensuring quality while streamlining post-production.

Hamlin primarily leverages Socialive to remotely capture isolated guest feeds (ISOs), which are then adjusted in post-production and re-uploaded to the platform for later distribution. For instance, Hamlin captured over 200 speakers and their presentation decks, before editing and packaging everything together into one composite virtual conference streamed out via the Socialive platform. The team will even use a green background if the graphics aren’t built out yet, so they can add them later in post-production.


Reynolds says they’ve gotten really creative with how they build scenes in the Socialive platform. During one event, for example, Hamlin hosted a live panel in the middle of two different pre-recorded segments. Reynolds was able to build all of the assets before the show, rolling straight from the pre-show into the live panel, before ending with a pre-recorded segment. This level of automation and control enabled Reynolds to give his full attention to prepping the panelists, without worrying about the run of show.

alex reynolds

“The ability to host, record, and stream individuals from all over the world in a single virtual environment in the cloud is unparalleled. We could not find another solution on the market that could do all of that with the quality of Socialive.”


Alex Reynolds, Technical Director, Hamlin


A hands-on video production approach — from anywhere

One of Hamlin’s biggest outcomes has been solving the proximity issue that many organizations are grappling with as distributed work environments become more popular. By remotely capturing video content with Socialive, Hamlin can continue creating high-quality broadcasts for its clients — without the need for expensive and time-consuming travel to a single location.


Additionally, the opportunity for branding has been a huge selling point to Hamlin’s clients. With Socialive, Hamlin can add custom graphics, video and audio overlays, and lower thirds to create a fully branded video experience for a specific client. Combined with the platform’s high-def ISOs and Virtual Green Room, Hamlin has been able to instill greater confidence in its clients.

The Virtual Green Room enables Hamlin to communicate with and direct clients behind the scenes, putting them at ease and prepping them for success. Now, when they’re producing virtual events or video content with a virtual capture component, clients no longer have to fear a bad experience, such as lagging video, accidentally muting themselves, or not knowing when to start their presentation.


While Hamlin has resumed in-person video shoots, the production house sees an ongoing need for virtual broadcasts. Over the past several years, its clients have seen the value in remote video production opportunities through increased reach, more convenient scheduling, quicker timelines, and lowered costs. Now, they’re choosing virtual over in person in many cases.

alex reynolds

“You can have a tool that captures the world's best video, but if it's a terrible user experience, you can't use it right. On the other hand, you can have a user-friendly tool like Zoom, but it’s not built to capture high-quality video content. Socialive hits the sweet spot, delivering both user friendliness and high quality.”


Alex Reynolds, Technical Director, Hamlin

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