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How an event production company helps clients reach wider audiences

Key result:

Reduced production costs by 35%

Bond Events is a women-owned event production company that creates tailored experiences for its clients. From EMILY’s List to the Environmental Working Group, Bond amplifies the missions of purpose-driven organizations through full-service event management and production.

The company turned to Socialive during the pandemic and as its clients increasingly embraced remote and hybrid options. Bond leveraged Socialive to live stream virtual, hybrid, and in-person events, as well as to remotely capture video for future distribution.


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Virtual events

chloe fedyna

“A video solution has helped our clients continue to share their messages and engage audiences on a wider level.”

Chloe Fedyna, Senior Event Producer, Bond Events


Reducing production costs while enhancing video quality

Bond already had experience developing video content in the past, but once the pandemic hit the company needed to dramatically scale its video operations. Bond found outsourcing its video production needs to third-party vendors to be cost prohibitive and ultimately not sustainable. At the same time, the video solutions Bond was using internally didn’t allow for the necessary amount of people to gather in a virtual room together or provide high enough quality.


For example, Zoom recordings often resulted in grainy video feeds due to an individual’s bandwidth issues. Additionally, virtual meeting conference platforms are limited in terms of layouts and effects.

As an event production company, Bond needed a video solution that offered custom graphics, dynamic layouts, and high-definition quality all the time — regardless of network issues. So Bond Events engaged Socialive to:

  • Elevate the quality of video content at an affordable price
  • Reduce reliance on full-scale AV teams
  • Reduce the video tech stack and improve speed to market
  • Scale video output with a small team


A simple platform with powerful remote video production capabilities

Bond Events leverages Socialive in several different ways. Of course, it live streams client events, such as conversations between government officials. Socialive’s Virtual Green Room has been especially helpful for Bond to coordinate these events behind the scenes.


The team also relies on Socialive to pre-record content, which they can then edit later in post-production. Likewise, Bond simulates the live streaming experience by pre-recording an entire program, then pushing it live at a later date.

Socialive’s internal editing tool enables non-technical team members to simply cut and trim videos without relying on a full editor. For instance, during one event when they couldn’t get all the speakers to appear on the same date, the team was able to conduct multiple recording sessions and stitch the videos together to look like it was all done at one time.

chloe fedyna

“Virtual is here to stay. As much as people love seeing one another in person again, video gives our clients a way to send their message out to a larger audience — not just the people that are able to gather in a room together.”

Chloe Fedyna, Senior Event Producer, Bond Events


Casting a wider net in a virtual world

Socialive enabled Bond Events to pivot operations as virtual became the norm. Not only was Bond able to help its clients stage engaging events virtually, it also helped them get in front of a wider audience.

Socialive’s ability to remotely capture individual recordings in HD, combined with its diverse layouts and customizable graphics and overlays, ensured Bond could deliver studio-quality events — without the physical studio. As a result, Bond was able to reduce production costs by an average of 35%. While Bond is back to producing in-person events, the company will continue to leverage video to help its clients reach new heights.

chloe fedyna

“I think the biggest result we're seeing with video is the ability to reach a larger audience. Anyone with internet access can view these videos whether they're live streamed in real time or sent out later via email. It's really given our clients much larger access to their audiences.”

Chloe Fedyna, Senior Event Producer, Bond Events

Key result:

Reduced production costs by 35%

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