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Meet Katie Martell, a professional business speaker and marketing consultant. Dubbed the “unapologetic marketing truth-teller,” Katie sits somewhere between a marketer and Oprah Winfrey. She’s not afraid to ask bold questions, and knows how to hook an audience.


Katie is a frequent speaker, host, and emcee at global conferences for notable technology companies. Since 2019, she has partnered with Socialive to produce her own professional video series. In doing so, she has simplified her video creation workflow and has the ability to reach wider audiences, no matter where they are. 





“Socialive is like having a TV studio in the palm of my hands with the ability to reach audiences instantly. It’s like catnip.”

Katie Martell | Professional Business Speaker & Marketing Expert


The Complexity Of Producing Professional Video

Self-producing a high quality video series is no easy task. In search of a live streaming and video content creation platform, Katie encountered several problems:

  • Time-consuming video production process
  • Confusing technical requirements around video production
  • Low quality video
  • Inability to reach audiences on multiple platforms
  • Poor remote guest experience
  • Inability to clip video recordings
  • Limited use of custom graphics and media types

For Katie, one of the most difficult challenges in video production was finding a solution that provided a seamless virtual experience for not only herself as the host, but also guest speakers and attendees. She was in need of a reliable tool that would free her up to focus on her interviews and conversations, rather than dealing with ongoing technical difficulties.



“A TV Studio In The Palm Of My Hands”

As soon as Katie was referred to Socialive from partners in the tech space, she dived into the platform to produce live and on demand video for her social media communities on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.


In two years of using Socialive, Katie has produced:

  • A live news and “infotainment” show broadcast over social channels for Customer Experience leaders. The series features newsworthy and educational content, plus conversations with industry leaders. Watch Experience TV on-demand, in partnership with Oracle.
  • behind-the-scenes broadcast ahead of a global customer awards gala for Adobe which she emceed during the pandemic, including an executive interview to drum up excitement and buzz ahead of the gala.
  • A live virtual interview series called “Exceptional Truths,” where she invites guests to uncover hard truths about the world of work in the early days of the pandemic.
  • Intimate conversations with customers exploring the latest trends in video for PLAY, an on-demand viewing experience from Brightcove.
  • live virtual summit featuring CX experts broadcast over LinkedIn and Twitter in partnership with Decibel.

By leaning on key Socialive features — especially, remote video production, the ability to clip recordings, and branded graphics, Katie has sped up video production time and has extended the life cycle of her video content by repurposing videos. 


All of her recordings are conveniently stored in one secure place so she can capture high quality video regardless of bandwidth issues. In seconds using Socialive, she can edit her recordings into 30-second video snippets and promote these across her social media channels, email newsletters, and blogs to drive audiences to watch her on-demand content.

Experience TV episode 7, a live show about the Experience Economy featuring guest Jay Baer, customer experience expert. In partnership with Oracle Customer Experience.

“When I’m on-air, I can toggle fun graphics in real time, play a video while I’m speaking, and invite multiple guests. It looks like I have a production studio behind me, but it’s actually at my fingertips. If I can produce a 30 minute live show, anyone can do it.”

Katie Martell | Professional Business Speaker & Marketing Expert


More High Quality Video Content, Less Effort

Leveraging Socialive has enabled Katie to confidently produce studio-quality videos without high video production costs and tedious video workflows. As a result, she has successfully expanded video output while driving down time, cost, and complexity. She has:


Hours Saved


Snippets Created


Average Views

  • Saved 100 hours in video production time

  • Produced 25 total broadcasts featuring 30+ remote guests

  • Clipped broadcasts into 75 snippets for social media content

  • Averaged 1,000+ views (live and on-demand episode) in 48 hours 

  • An ongoing ease of producing shows and seamless remote guest experience

Katie explains the production quality in Socialive is what differentiates it from other live stream and video creation platforms. Her videos look and feel professionally produced and slick, while providing smooth experiences for her guests and attendees. With less hesitation on technical glitches, she can focus more on creating compelling, valuable videos for her audiences and feel like she is speaking at an in-person event.

“One video recorded in Socialive turns into weeks of content. It’s an easy and fantastic way to repurpose content.”

Katie Martell | Professional Business Speaker & Marketing Expert

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