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Getting certified

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Socialive Video Creator

Recommended for those who will use Socialive to record content, then complete post-production in Socialive. This certification will test learners to confirm they understand how to capture a recording, complete basic editing in Socialive Studio, and manage recordings.
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4 topics

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About 2 hours

Learning outcomes:

  • Use overlays for post-production editing within Socialive
  • Explain best practices for audio and video sources
  • Manage all recordings within the recordings library
  • Manage settings


Socialive Video Producer

Recommended for those who will use Socialive to create create recordings or livestreams. This certification will test learners in their end-to-end knowledge of Socialive to confirm they are able to not only record content but successfully livestream.

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8 topics

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About 3 hours

Learning outcomes:

  • Plan for production with Socialive
  • Use sources, media, layouts, and overlays
  • Set up a Socialive production
  • Provide a favorable guest experience
  • Produce content and manage recordings
  • Manage settings

Benefits of certification

Video communication is used in all facets of the business world. Virtual video production skills are more in demand than ever. Share with your employer or future employers that you are recognized as an expert Socialive producer.

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