“How can we accelerate this timeline?” is the dreaded question that continues to torment teams around the globe. Luckily for video production teams, that answer just got easier.

With Socialive’s latest feature, teams can now automatically populate name tags for live guests in the Virtual Green Room, pulling from user information stored in the Socialive system. Producers can also edit the names, locations, and titles, as well as customize the name tags’ appearance.

Automatic name tags ensure teams can handle last-minute speaker updates with ease. More importantly, this new feature enables video producers to save time building their run of show and situating graphics, use less resources across the organization, and deploy critical communications in real time.

Simplify production workflows

According to our 2021 State of Enterprise Video report, time constraints are companies’ No. 1 limiting factor to producing and distributing more video content. We can help with that. Our unified platform includes drag-and-drop production tools, one-click multicasting, and a cloud-based recordings library to help teams create videos faster, without sacrificing quality. And our latest feature adds even more flexibility to further simplify users’ production workflows.

Previously, Socialive producers had to work with graphics teams outside the platform to design name tags, upload those graphics, and manually position them in the Studio. Eleventh-hour requests to change the details of a speaker’s name tag could quickly derail perfectly planned productions.

With automatic name tags, production teams can make these updates automatically and independently in the platform. And when it comes to developing video content, producers no longer need to waste valuable time chasing down graphics and tinkering with their placement in the Studio. Of course, we still support manual name tags for teams who want to add their own unique touch.

Communicate in real time

Today’s consumers expect instantaneous reactions to breaking news. For everything from a presidential address to Taco Bell’s newest menu item, you can bet there will be a cacophony of rapid responses in the form of Tweets, Facebook posts, and YouTube videos.

That expectation has carried over to the business world. In fact, the digital transformation of high-stakes communication has become such a hot topic, we explored it in our latest webinar with PGi.

Today’s companies need to respond to high-stakes events as quickly as possible. But traditional communication methods like company-wide memos feel static and impersonal. That’s why organizations like Reimagined Experiences are turning to Socialive to quickly produce dynamic TV-style broadcasts for clients including the American Red Cross to respond to unfolding disasters in real time. Thanks to our automatic name tags feature, companies can now get these critical messages out the door even faster.

As our customers will tell you, we’re on a mission to continue evolving the Socialive platform to better meet the needs of today’s enterprises. We’re excited to bring you automatic name tags to help streamline production workflows and share communications with your audiences even faster.


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