Remote HD Capture in the Socialive iOS app. Available now

Remote production is a critical tool for your video strategy, but it comes with unique challenges. You need to gather stakeholders and talent to collaborate in real time. Then, you need to collect a quality recording, one that is unaffected by network quality.

With the latest release of the Socialive iOS app, you get both. You can capture a full HD ISO of your guests while you collaborate during recording, and it automatically saves to your Socialive Library. The process is super easy for your guest.

Here’s how it works:

Your guest joins and participates in your recording. During the session, a local full HD copy of their feed is saved on their device. When the session ends, the local copy is automatically uploaded to your Library, and then removed from their device.

You can spend your time creating content and putting it to work. Let us take care of the rest.