by Farraz Khan | 1 Feb 2019

The post is part of our Encyclopedia of Live, a compendium of ways to use online live video for brand & product marketing.

Unveiling a new product is about creating awareness, stirring excitement, and galvanizing a community of evangelists. Consider Apple’s iconic conferences.

Fortunately, you don’t need the scale of a mammoth event to reap the benefits of a product launch. Even simple reveals on social media can be an effective way to spotlight a new product and generate interest.

But, more, product reveals – like physical events – also cultivate in your audience a sense of ownership, a participatory attitude, an I-was-there or I-saw-it-first psychology that advances your brand equity and affinity: You turn an audience of maybe consumers into motivated stakeholders.

In this way, live video fits naturally with product showcases. By emphasizing the transient moment, live video connotes a sense of access and exclusivity. If you miss the moment, you aren’t part of the story.

Online live video amplifies the community-building effects of product reveals. Viewers not only gain access to new information, they can also engage during the broadcast, shaping the discussion through questions and feedback.