by Farraz Khan | 13 Feb 2019

The post is part of our Encyclopedia of Live, a compendium of ways to use online live video for brand & product marketing.

In-person demonstrations are among the most effective ways to shepherd a prospect along the buyer’s journey, allowing you to communicate directly with a customer and respond specifically to his/her situation.

But they are far from scalable.

Live video enables a one-to-many broadcasting model, while preserving the immediate, interactive flow of an in-person meeting.

By maintaining the human element, live tutorials, demos, and FAQ sessions with sales or customer-success reps are a persuasive middle-funnel tactic to nurture customer interest and provide essential product/service information – and to do so across a wide audience.

Live commerce

Live video-powered product demos are also the fulcrum of live commerce – an emerging mode of online shopping. (See the launch of Amazon Live this month.)

Live commerce enhances traditional product listings on online stores or marketplaces with live video, with the aim of driving sales.

Video generally and live video in particular have proven to be highly consumable and engaging: Users spend 3x more time consuming video ads than static ads on LinkedIn, for example; and live video generates 10x as many interactions as all other video.

Given the engagement and persuasive power of live video, it represents a singular opportunity for a seller to show a product in action, provide consumers with essential context, and nudge a shopper from interest to purchase.

Live events, tutorials, Q&A’s, and more. There are lots of ways to use live video. Peruse our Encyclopedia of Live to discover opportunities you may be missing.