by Farraz Khan | 20 Mar 2019

The post is part of our Encyclopedia of Live, a compendium of ways to use online live video for brand & product marketing

Live video unlocks opportunities for dialogue – two-way communication – between you and your audience.

Where most brand and product marketing involves you speaking, use live video as a way to listen and respond to your audience.

Engaging your audience – seeking their participation in a conversation – via live Q&A or Reddit-style Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions with company leadership and employees allows for more a fruitful brand-consumer relationship, in a couple ways:

First, by listening to your audience, you can better understand and respond to their needs and desires – both in terms of developing the right products/services and how you frame your messages.

But, more importantly, opening channels for feedback generates goodwill, trust, and confidence towards your organization.

Today, public scrutiny of organizations is as vast as it is unforgiving. In this environment, it behooves organizations to demonstrate humility – to treat customers as equals by showing a willingness to listen and learn.

Live Q&A and AMA sessions with company leadership and employees enable an organization to underline its commitment to transparency, own up to its fallibility, and add dimension and context to its actions – all while involving the audience as interlocutors and stakeholders in an organization’s ongoing journey.

Even beyond ethos building (i.e., growing trust or credibility), Q&A sessions can help humanize a brand – by literally putting a face to what are often derogated as “faceless” entities – and thereby bolster brand affinity, creating a rapport between organization and audience.

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