The post is part of our Encyclopedia of Live, a compendium of ways to use online live video for brand & product marketing.

When it comes to brand marketing, there is a prevailing instinct among companies to produce painstakingly manicured communications.

Increasingly, though, consumers – conditioned by a more freewheeling social media and perhaps reacting to the very ubiquity of marketing – crave something approaching authenticity. (This is especially the case for content on social & digital platforms.)

By permitting customers a peek behind the curtain – through office tours or behind-the-scenes access to strategy sessions, for instance – companies can offer snippets of authentic experience, inviting its audience into the process, empowering them as participants and stakeholders, and, ultimately, building trust and goodwill.

This type of content also spotlights the people who comprise a company, helping convey a three-dimensional, human story about a brand.

Online live video is eminently well-suited for behind-the-scenes content. Thanks to Snapchat and Instagram, live video has become a byword for access. People use live and authentic video to reveal the mundane odds and ends of their personal lives, creating an intimacy between subject and viewer.

Companies can use live video analogously to highlight the real and relatively unvarnished side of their brands, in order to forge a similar kind of connection with their customers.

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