by Farraz Khan | 27 Mar 2019

This post is part of our LinkedIn Live Content Guide, a compilation of ideas for broadcasting live video on LinkedIn.

As we’ve touched upon beforecontent should be informed by context.

With LinkedIn Live, individuals and organizations can now broadcast live video on LinkedIn.

Given the nature of the platform – a professional community that encourages career and business growth – hosting interviews and discussions is an intuitive use case for LinkedIn Live.

That can mean sit-downs with company leaders or industry figures, panel discussions with experts, informal chats with employees, and lots more.

Where platforms like Facebook or Twitter are consumer-first, LinkedIn is a B2B and professional network and, therefore, better suited for top-funnel awareness building, business development, and recruitment.

In other words, LinkedIn Live is about showcasing your brand.

Using LinkedIn Live for interviews and discussions enables an organization to demonstrate thought leadership in areas of expertise and, more broadly, to contribute to conversations current in the zeitgeist.

Further, a key advantage of online live video generally – and LinkedIn Live in particular – is the real-time quality of the medium. This allows a viewing audience to engage more meaningfully with your content and brand.

Audiences can ask questions and share insights in real-time, and interviewees or panelists can address that feedback in the course of a broadcast. Not only does this help shape a conversation and provide a source of valuable data, it also allows your brand to build goodwill, trust, and affinity.

Including remote guests, applying split-screen layouts & overlaying graphics

There are technical and stylistic ways to broaden the participation in and enhance the watchability of your interviews and discussions.

Using Socialive – a LinkedIn Live partner platform – you can:

> Bring in participants from anywhere in the world: Host live, TV-style interviews and discussions between subjects in different locations. The Socialive platform allows anyone to join a broadcast remotely, using any camera (even a smartphone).

Create more dynamic viewing experiences using split-screen layouts: You can transform a static frame into a dynamic layout with two, three, or four split-screen boxes. In Socialive, simply click a layout and drag and drop the video you want in each box.

> Boost the production value with on-screen graphics: Create a professional-caliber broadcast with branded graphics, including logo watermarks, lower thirds, and calls to action.

To take full advantage of LinkedIn Live, it’s important to produce content that goes with the LinkedIn grain – namely, content that adds value to and nurtures the platform’s professional community.

Live interviews and discussions present a natural way to leverage LinkedIn Live and thereby fortify your brand.